BMW X2 to explore in advance with the Mixed-Reality goggles Microsoft Hololens

The new BMW X2 can be introduced to the market with the Mixed-Reality goggles Microsoft Hololens thoroughly explored. The hologram can then be shared via Social Media. There is one hitch, but, unfortunately, it works only in a few cities.

Car buying 2.0 – the new BMW X2 on the color of the car is now in a few moments, the digital change. Possible the shopping experience of another kind is through the use of Mixed-Reality goggles Microsoft Hololens. The introduction of the new Crossovers, the Munich have devised, together with the Software developers, the campaign Holo Experience. Thanks to the AR-glasses, the customer can explore the SUV-coupe in a completely new manner in which he leads, for example, a holographic projection of the vehicle through a maze.

In the case of Holo Exprience is set in the Background on the Microsoft Cloud platform, Azure. Various functionalities outside of the Hololens application send supported: users can not only control the Experience, but also, for example, individualized E-Mails with a holographic Selfie. Holo Experience integrates seamlessly into the campaign “Be the one who dares”.

To desire is pre-created by the User a photo with the Smartphone, then the Microsoft in the Cloud Azure. The photo with the BMW is expected to model together and then sent back. The finished Composite can be divided at the end via a Smartphone in the Social Media channels.

Uwe Dreher, head of brand communications at BMW, said: “With the X2, we will address a relatively new, digital-savvy and young audience, which is expected in the communication of special and contemporary experiences. The Holo-Experience provides the desired technical Wow-effect, we can also inspire this audience to the maximum, playful, entertaining, and innovative technology.“

Michael Zawrel, Senior Product Manager for Mixed Reality & HoloLens Germany, added: “Mixed Reality allows you to take the next step in the digitization. The BMW X2 Holo Experience shows how companies can get their products through the blending of the physical and digital world in a whole new way to experience them.“

A hook is the thing, then, but unfortunately, because not every dealership is the use of the application will be possible. BMW X2 Holo Experience is unfortunately only available at selected BMW dealers in the exclusive Closed Rooms, in the Brand-Experience Center in Zurich, the BMW offices in Munich and Berlin as well as in the Automag in Munich. The campaign should be a success, soon to be followed by further branches. Until then, you can see in this Video how the Whole thing should work:

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Pictures & Videos: © BMW Group, Microsoft business

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