BMW X5 2018: Erlkönig new G05 shows in the sporty M-Outfit

If you have any questions is just whether the time faster than usual, we can reassure you on this point: that the all-new BMW X5 in 2018 will come in the next year on the market is right and planned. After only five years of construction, the current Generation F15 is sent without the large model care in retirement and a new model to be replaced.

The spy photographer Palbay from South Carolina is now a new Spyshot of the upper-class off-roader managed. Under the wrapping foil is the continuation of the SUV’s Design language, which was recently introduced with the new BMW X3. So all dispensed with, it would seem, the new BMW X5 in 2018, a direct connection between the headlights and the double kidney, which are all the more present and upright in the wind.

Also interesting are the technical innovations under the sheet: such as the BMW X3 G01, the BMW X5 G05 is based on the newly developed, modular CLAR platform that is designed to reduce the vehicle weight through the extensive use of aluminum and other lightweight materials. As a close Relative of the X5 is also scheduled for next year, the slightly longer BMW X7.

While the X5 is positioned as a dynamic off-road Equivalent of the 5 series in the upper class, the purpose of the X7 – like the 7-series – to expensive luxury Segment. Both vehicles are to be received with a finely processed interior materials and the latest Generation of modern driver-assistance systems in terms of comfort and safety no compromises.

BMW X7 Concept at the IAA 2017: views of the “big brother” of the new X5

5 and especially 7-series also serve as a model for the engine range of the new BMW X5 in 2018. The six-cylinder B57 and B58 come to Diesel in the X5 xDrive30d and xDrive40i the use of power-hungry customers can look forward to the X5 M50d with Quad turbo-Diesel. As the sporting crowning of a new edition of the BMW is X5. For the US-market BMW X5 M50i with a V8 Biturbo is also conceivable, in order not to miss the already available today and xDrive50i a sportier coat of paint.

If you look at the latest spy photo of the upcoming X5, discovered in addition to the clearly on the dynamic-trimmed Bodykit with flared wheel arches and sills, blue brake calipers as the unique insignia of the M GmbH in Garching. An indication that here could be just this X5 M50i is rolled in front of the camera. Certainty will there be, then the end of 2018 – when the new upper-class all-terrain vehicles from Spartanburg to its Premiere.

Photos: Palbay via

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