BMW’s centre of competence for battery cell: a New building block for the future

The BMW Group is strengthening the Munich location and creates the conditions for the mobility of the future. With the new BMW’s centre of competence for battery cell in the vicinity of the research and innovation centre in the North of Munich, the framework for its role as a market leader in cars with electric or electrified drive system will be created in the next few months. In the beginning of 2019, so little more than a year, to be opened in the new competence center battery cell. 200 million Euro will be invested in the building, which will be the workplace for 200 employees.

Spectacular architecture is deliberately omitted, because what is more important is the possibility of a time is near start-up: Who wants to be a Benchmark and remain, has no time to lose! On the occasion of today’s laying of the Foundation stone, among other things, the Bavarian economy Minister Ilse Aigner, of the BMW Board member for Production, Oliver Zipse, and the BMW development chief Klaus Fröhlich.

The competence center battery cell is an important component for the maintenance and Expansion of In-House competences for the mobility of the future. The battery cell is the technological centerpiece of a battery and determines their Performance significantly. In the next few years there will be great advances in power, energy content, load capacity and service life of the batteries. The BMW Group wants to play a leading role and always on the cutting edge of technology, but seeks currently there are no own production of battery cells.

Here, BMW is pursuing a similar strategy as with other vehicle parts: Who wants to shopping steel of the right quality and at the right price, you must first know very well what he needs and what you can offer the market what the price is. The so-called Build-to-Print-literacy is the prerequisite to be able to suppliers exact requirements – and it also creates the opportunity to quickly, if necessary, with a production start. This Option allows the BMW Group to respond flexibly, and ensures the independence of single suppliers and sources, which is why the BMW’s centre of competence for battery cell a competitive advantage over other car creates farmers.

Klaus Fröhlich (member of the Board of management of BMW AG, research and development): “In the new High-Tech competence center, we combine our in-house expertise for the entire value-added chain of battery cell technology. In the new development of laboratories and equipment, we focus now international experts in the battery cell, and their further development in chemistry and Design. The focus is on a further improvement in Performance, lifetime, safety, Loading, and, not least, the cost of the batteries. So we are a Benchmark in the entire competition.”

Oliver Zipse (member of the Board of management of BMW AG, production): “The production of battery cell prototypes allows us to analyze the value creation processes of the cell completely and to understand. This Build-to-Print expertise helps us to enable potential suppliers in the process of cell production according to our specifications. This knowledge is crucial for us, regardless of whether we produce the battery cell itself or not.”

Ilse Aigner (Minister of economic Affairs of the free state of Bavaria): “With the centre of competence for battery cell technology, BMW is investing another strong increase in Bavaria. This is a clear commitment to the free state as an industrial and high-technology location. Battery cells are a key technology on the path to emission-free mobility. Bavaria is a pioneer of electric mobility, and this leading position, we intend to expand. This ensures long-term growth, prosperity and employment.”

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