Erlkönig-Video shows the BMW M2 Competition at the Nürburgring

The work on the new BMW M2 Competition continues to run at full speed. A recent spy Video shows the completely refreshed Compact sports car in its natural habitat: On and in the vicinity of the race track. Of course, the prototypes for a spin is not on any slopes, but on the toughest race track in the world. The Nürburgring Nordschleife is for the engineers and developers of the BMW Group, finally, for many years, the ground on which all later production vehicles received your sporty finishing touches.

The cutting of Automotive, Mike shows several prototype cars with varying degrees of camouflage. Again and again is to be seen here, as the test driver, driving the rear-wheel drive car to the Limit and with a smaller rear pan out of the corners and accelerate. As the Erlkönig camouflage clearly shows the BMW M2 Competition with a newly designed front apron at the Start and, at least in this area, is clear from the previous M2 differ. More subtly, the differences at the rear, especially the area of the diffuser must apparently be around the four tailpipes with a bit of foil camouflaged.

Greater than the optical Changes in the modifications of the technique will fail. As we have already announced some time ago, is driven, the BMW M2 Competition, at least on paper, a slightly detuned version of the sharp twin-turbo in-line six-cylinder S55. So far, the S55 came exclusively in BMW M3 and M4 are used and made there, depending on the stage of expansion, 431, 450, 460 or 500 HP. For the new M2 2018 to stage a fifth performance at the lower end of introduced, for which we must expect around 400 HP. It is clear that the Tuning scene is already looking forward to the change and quickly lush performance increases will offer.

In addition to the powertrain, the suspension receives another Update, to allow even higher cornering speeds and quicker lap times. Just like the previous M2 with 370 HP, whose life cycle ends with the introduction of the BMW M2 Competition in 2018 will be the new compact sports coupe from Garching, Germany, the undisputed fun-scale in its class.

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