Germany drops in October 2017: Diesel demand, BMW

falters a little

Even if the number of new registrations has increased in the area of passenger cars year-on-year in October, 2017 to 3.9 per cent, the Figures for diesel vehicles are still on the decline. The Diesel demand in Germany declined in comparison with the autumn of 2016 by 17.9 percent and BMW weakened in the past month. Reason for joy there was, however, in the case of the BMW subsidiary MINI.

In the overall difficult market environment, BMW must be easily put back. In October, the number of new registrations at the Bavarian premium brand declined, according to force travel Federal office (KBA) of 9.1 % to the current 18.734 newly registered vehicles in the last month. And even if the market increased in Total by 3.9% (a total of 272.855 new registrations), so it was in the case of the Diesel demand in Germany again a shock. This was in comparison to 2016 by 17.9 percent, while the share of gasoline rose within a year to 18.8 percent.

The declining Diesel demand has now caught up with, apparently, a BMW and a damper awarded. In the next few months, the newly presented models are likely to reverse as the X2 the downward trend. A model with great potential demand, the new Premium-Compact-Crossover safely in the Portfolio.

So there is no Segment to put more than the SUV (+30,9 % compared to the same month last year; with 16.4 % market share). Only the compact class was well represented, despite a slight decline of 1.6 percent, according to tradition, stronger (market share of 23.2 %). In third place, after the SUV, the small car, which increased by 2.3% to 14.7% of the market share will follow.

The image of the German premium manufacturers, however, remains even in spite of the slight weakness of the Munich unchanged. Mercedes (+6,9 %), ahead of Audi (-7,0 %), ahead of BMW. The in September, the retracted second position in the Premium-car manufacturers, the Munich-based company had to give up in October. A strong take-up growth was, however, in the case of the BMW subsidiary MINI. This was both in the previous year’s balance sheet from January to October 2017 (+4,6 %), as compared to the same month last year (+15,8 %).

A positive approval balance sheet continued also in the case of vehicles with alternative drive. With 2.180 electric Cars (+86,8 %), 8.410 hybrids (+67,8 %), including 2.885 Plug-in hybrids (+99.1%), and there was also in October 2017 and again extraordinary growth in the eco-friendly drives in comparison to the same month last year.

(Graphics & information: KBA)

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