Macau to 2017: Farfus get in a Crash-race in the kind of Car square 2

In the spectacular first race of the FIA world Cup in Macau in 2017, GT was able to secure Augusto Farfus in the BMW Art Car M6 GT3 in second place. With the fifth place for Chaz Mostert in a further M6 to the strong Performance of BMW was completed Motorsport, however, the Munich-based benefited beyond dispute by a violent Crash in the early stages of the race. The narrow guard-channels famous city course lived up to its reputation and gave many riders a unexpectedly early in the evening – and the mechanics in the pits numerous hours of Overtime.

After the mass crash in the first round, only eight cars were in the field and made the victory. The same twelve vehicles were damaged in the collision so hard that they could no longer compete in the Restart. To the victims also included the BMW-pilot Marco Wittmann, and Tom Blomqvist. The good news is that just like the rest of the pilots involved were the two DTM Stars at sheet metal damage, all the drivers were able to leave their wrecked cars unhurt.

In the race for the remaining eight cars of Augusto Farfus drove from third to the second rank to the front. The victory of the Mercedes driver Edoardo Mortara took. As the Crash is lost after a few curves in Macau, shows the following short Video:

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Jens Marquardt (BMW Motorsport Director): “second place for our 18. BMW Art Car – this is a Top starting position for the race tomorrow here in Macau. Augusto Farfus and BMW Team Schnitzer made the whole weekend a super Job and were constant in the front. In the qualifying race today, Augusto was also lucky not to be in the mass accident. The foundations he has laid with his great Start, even after the Re-Start he stayed error-free. The same is true for Chaz Mostert, who was able to finish his first race in Macau on the strong fifth place. A pity it is, of course, for Marco Wittmann, and Tom Blomqvist who left the company through no fault of in the first round. We need to look at now, how strong their cars are damaged.”

Augusto Farfus (#18 BMW M6 GT3, BMW Team Schnitzer, 2nd place): “Macau is a special place, the distance limit is so extremely close. It was therefore very important to start well. When I saw that the three Mercedes feeds next to each other in Mandarin, I said to myself: ‘This is my Chance’. So I was able to drive at the end of the Straight under braking for Lisboa. Then what happens is, everyone has seen. This is Macau. In each curve, anything can happen. It is great to be in second place. We would not have expected necessarily. I have my last Start here, with Carver in the tour championship won. Now we are back and have a race tomorrow, a good Chance in the main.”

Chaz Mostert (#90 BMW M6 GT3, FIST – Team AAI, 5th place): “of Course, many cars were involved in the Crash and are excreted. I had a lot of luck that I was able to keep me out of this Drama. It is good that we had a couple of laps. I feel that I improve myself in every round. Overall, I’m super satisfied. To tell you the dangers in Macao in fifth place, is fantastic.”

Marco Wittmann (#91 BMW M6 GT3, FIST – Team AAI, failure): “The Start and the first lap were very good. I won four places. Then we got to turn seven or eight, and I was in the middle of the collision. It is very disappointing if the race goes to the end. The car is damaged heavily. The impact was for all of us pretty hard, fortunately we are all fine. Of course, it is frustrating to lose in a GT World Cup, five, six, seven, or eight cars.”

Tom Blomqvist (#99 BMW M6 GT3 ROWE Racing, failure): “First of all, I had such a good Start as hoped, and lost a few places. For directions to the Police Corner I came around the corner and then the other cars were already there. I don’t think the Marshalls had the time to react. So many cars are now damaged and in my opinion, many cars will not be driving tomorrow. This is really bitter. We still have to wait until we have a complete picture of the damage to our vehicle.”

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