Mercedes A-class of 2018: first look into the Cockpit of the BMW 1 series rivals

The BMW 1 series has a few months ago, another Update, specifically on the interior, and the topic of Infotainment focused. A similar focus also, Daimler is now, because the first official Teaser photos of the new Mercedes A-class of 2018 deal exclusively with the interior. So we get the first unfiltered impression of a compact-class Cockpit, the ago would have been unthinkable a few years ago: Analogue round instruments, one searches in vain, instead, the A-class shines with a highly modern Look that is reminiscent of the Widescreen cockpit of the larger Mercedes-Benz models.

The free-standing and, therefore, seemingly floating Displays of the cockpit dispense with a binnacle, the steering Wheel was taken from the S-class and the front seats for an extra fee with seat air conditioning and massage function. Enhanced ambient lighting with 64 colors and high quality materials to open-pored Woods for the interior trim are to contribute to the Premium can claim the new Mercedes A-class of 2018 at any time experience.

The first photos from the interior show the high-end solution with two 10.25 inches large display, the base model, two Displays with 7 inch diagonal screen. Optionally, it will also be possible to use a 7 – and a 10.25-inch Display.

In addition to the new Design and the apparently from the upper class assumed Infotainment concept, the Mercedes A-class of 2018, also wants to score with a more generous space. More headroom, elbow width, more shoulder room, a larger trunk, with a total of 370 liters of volume and a thanks to the divided tail lights better usable load opening to create further points of criticism on the previous model of the world.

Gorden Wagener (Chief Design Officer, Daimler AG): “The new A-class represents the next step in our design philosophy of sensual clarity, and has the Potential of a new design era. The interior staged modern luxury on a in this class so far unattained level, and transferred to the User Interface in the digital age.”

(Images & Info: Mercedes-Benz)

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