Mid-class scooter BMW C 400 X: a Innovative Scooter for the city

At the Milan motorcycle trade fair Eicma in 2017, presented by BMW Motorrad, the new mid-class scooter BMW C 400 X. The innovatively designed town-Bicycle will be delivered in the second half of 2018 with a completely newly developed 350-cubic single-cylinder engine that makes 34 horsepower.

The well-known 650 models get a smaller sister model to the side: The middle-class scooter BMW C 400 X. This is a Scooter for the city, the bright LED technology, innovative Design, optimum Wind and weather protection, as well as a generous and flexible storage space offer to convince want.

If you look at the scooter, at first glance, the modern and futuristic Design catch the eye. Even if it makes the two – Wheeler, perhaps due to its eye-catching design suggests- an electric motor is not provided for the all-new BMW C 400 X. The remains as in the past, even with a total of 13,700 euros base price is quite a costly, the BMW C Evolution reserved.

For propulsion, the new 400 model, an efficiency-optimized single-cylinder engine with 350 cm3 displacement, a high torque of 35 Newton meters, as well as a stepless CVT transmission. Thanks to the gearbox, the gear change should run with very little vibration and for the driver almost not noticeable. The small engine develops a power output of 34 HP at 7,500 Revolutions per Minute, whereby the scooter can accelerate up to 139 km/h.

For safe Driving, especially when driving on slippery surface – the Automatic stability control ASC and the quick brakes double disc brakes assume the front in conjunction with a single disc brake at the rear, as well as the standard ABS.

The series features a LED strobe lighting. In this case, the light design of the LED headlamps with independent expression of the daytime running light (optional equipment) is shaped in the Form of characteristic light-guiding elements. The journey is not in the Wind and weather to torture, have installed the engineers of a large wind shield and the ergonomics to a comfortable, but at the same time protected from the weather, Seating position is respected.

The all the Chinese motorcycle manufacturer Loncin-built city-scooter can be supplemented at extra cost to modern Connectivity features, allowing the driver a helmet communication system-provided completely new opportunities. So he can make phone calls during the travel of the wire and safely, listen to music or the navigation function of the mobile phones on the large, coloured TFT-Display. The multi-functional instrument cluster with 6.5-inch full-color TFT Display is optionally available.

The front below the handlebars are two smaller stowage compartment, and the compartment under the comfortable single-piece seat is designed as a so-called Flex case. A full-face helmet and a open face helmet at the same time stow away. The prices for the new city-two-wheeled have announced the BMW-responsible yet.

Images: © BMW Group

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