October 2017: Mercedes builds lead at BMW more from

Also at the start of the fourth quarter of 2017, the BMW Group managed to turn in the tide in the battle with Mercedes-Benz. After ten of the twelve months, the Stuttgart have developed looking at the core brands a comfortable lead of almost 200,000 units and lights will be the rival from Munich to clear the rear. In October 2017 Mercedes was able to expand his lead again for several thousand vehicles sold around the world 182.812 Mercedes-Benz and 168.509 BMW.

The brands MINI and Smart in the analysis, was able to sell the BMW Group is somewhat more vehicles than the competition from Stuttgart, the squire’s advantage is likely to make in Munich, but nobody happy. Thanks 28.818 sold MINI and only 10.872 Smart Bayern are no longer in October, almost at the top, with a consideration of the previous year it is enough but also including MINI and Smart for a head start in comparison to Mercedes-Benz Cars.

In the previous full year, the BMW comes to a world-wide sales of 1.706.020 units, which is sufficient, together with 300.212 sold MINIs for the first time Skip of the Two-million mark by October. This value Daimler has cracked, however, and considerably more units of the core brand Mercedes-Benz sold, the worldwide sales of 1.900.112 vehicles. The race of the core brands is running for a long time, only in the case of a comparison of BMW Group and Mercedes-Benz Cars offer the last two months of the year, a little bit of tension.

From afar, Audi can keep track of the two battle to the top in the Premium Segment. The Ingolstadt-based company sold in October 158.750 vehicles, and have built up in the previous year, a backlog of over 165,000 units to BMW and even more than 360,000 units in a Mercedes. With the new Generation of Audi A8 and A7 Sportback, the Numbers are expected to grow in the next few months, but of course, the model range is refreshed, even at BMW and Mercedes and continuously supplemented.

The largest individual market for all three manufacturers China is undisputed. BMW could sell in October 50.412 units, Audi with 53.828 vehicles at the top. Mercedes follows with 46.016 units on the third rank. Since the beginning of the year, the Stuttgart increased by 27.8 percent to 488.915 vehicles sold and are just ahead of BMW with 487.069 units (+15,1%), Audi reported a decline of 3.0 percent on 472.498 vehicles.

Dr. Ian Robertson (member of the Board of management of BMW AG, responsible for sales and brand BMW): “Our sales figures for the first ten months of the year underline the broad scope and appeal of our model range. In spite of significant model changes and difficult conditions in some of our largest markets, we have delivered in the first ten months of this year, over two million vehicles to our customers. From our wide range of vehicle offerings including the BMW X1, the BMW 5 series, BMW have contributed to the 7 series and the BMW i3 to this growth.”

Britta Seeger (a member of the Board of management of Daimler AG, responsible for Mercedes-Benz Cars, sales): “In China, more and more customers are enjoying now in your new Mercedes-Benz in the whole of last year. But not only there, of delivery: Worldwide, we were able to increase sales since the beginning of the year to two digits. ”

Bram Schot (Board member for sales and Marketing of AUDI AG): “After our good Start to the fourth quarter, we want to this Trend in spite of more challenging conditions in the coming months. Our Model campaign is laying the Foundation for our future success. After the Audi A8, we lift now with the new Audi A7 sportiness and aesthetic Design to a new Level in the upper class. This unique concept has already taken care of before launch, make a splash and is well accepted by our customers very well.”

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