SGL ACF BMW sells Joint-Venture stake in SGL Carbon

On the way to the first use of Carbon in large-scale automotive, the BMW Group worked closely with SGL Carbon. Until today, the two companies are working in many areas Hand-in-Hand, the previous Joint Venture with SGL ACF (Automotive Carbon Fibers) but is soon history: SGL Carbon SE, has reached an agreement with FC Bayern Munich, the previously existing 49% share of the BMW Group step-by-step to buy and to be the sole owner of the company.

On the ongoing cooperation of the two companies, the Acquisition has no impact, the two companies have signed an agreement for the continuation of the business relationships for future projects with the use of Carbon. Also, the involvement of the BMW Group, SGL Carbon SE in the amount of 18.3 percent from the sale of the shares in the Joint Venture SGL ACF unaffected.

SGL ACF was established in 2009 by the BMW Group and SGL Carbon, the high-tech material to use in the models BMW i3 and i8 to prepare. Carbon was previously, especially in a few exclusive super sports cars with extremely high price and very small numbers, has brought the BMW Group the Material, in the meantime, as an essential component of many thousands of vehicles on the road. The production of SGL ACF will take place in the plants in Moses Lake and Wackersdorf, both locations are in the future are also part of the SGL Carbon SE. For a total of around 450 employees, the change in the company’s conditions shall have no immediate effect.

Jürgen Köhler (Chairman of the Executive Board of the SGL Group): “We are proud of the work we have done together with the BMW Group in the automotive lightweight construction. The carbon fiber from our plant in Moses Lake, as well as the resulting clutch of eggs from the site in Wackersdorf, have proven to be successful. Now is the time to integrate these skills fully in the value chain of the SGL Group.”

Markus Duesmann (member of the management Board of BMW AG, responsible for purchasing and supplier network): “The BMW Group is committed to lightweight design and an intelligent mix of materials with Carbon as a major material. The SGL Group is, and will remain, a key supplier and strategic Partner.”

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