Sure to drift like a Pro: BMW M are in the Video with practical tips

DSC off and have fun – this promises to be a new Video from BMW that gives practical tips for safe drifting. So that you can thieves as professional and Instructor Stefan Landmann to the curves and endless Donuts turning.

BMW M has been obtained, apparently, from time to time Feedback from customers, who would appreciate practical tips for safe drifting. Well, that one has the BMW Driving Academy in Maisach a well-developed area for hot Drifts and other driving maneuvers. And with Stefan Landmann, the winner from the 24h race at the Nürburgring on GT4 the BMW M3 from the year 2011, has someone in their ranks who has implanted the Drift-genes in its racing DNA.

DSC disable, open the throttle and counter steering – so easy it sounds in theory, but in practice, a decent Drift requires a little Practice to get the Whole thing checked over the stage. For this reason, it has bundled at BMW M, now all the forces, and is a 431 HP, BMW M4 coupe with a professional driver on Board on the company-owned, closed test track sent to.

The BMW Instructor and travel Rainer shows in the Clip, what gear you should load your Gas have to give and where your view while drifting focus point should be. But above all: only on a closed course to try and always be your own safety. What you need to remember, you see here:

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Images & Video: © BMW Group

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