Theft risk comfort access BMW disabled on request

Actually, it is a good idea: The comfort access from BMW and many other car manufacturers will allow the customer to unlock the vehicle without the vehicle key to open and start. Thus, it is possible to leave the key in the Jacket or Trouser pocket, while you open with the Hand conveniently in the door. But, several years ago, led technology also has its pitfalls: time and time again thieves and burglars, the radio signals of the key to intercept and extend your reach – and to not steal the vehicle, while the owner is in the vicinity.

Solutions such as the storage of the key in a metal box, Wrapping it in aluminum foil or Store it in as far as possible from door-to-door and outer walls to provide protection from this method of spraying, but anything other than a Premium Flair. Therefore, BMW is now an unusual step and offers concerned customers the opportunity to leave the convenience of access to your vehicle completely off. Which, unfortunately, not unfounded fears around an unseen vehicle theft with the help of the radio range extension should then be a thing of the past.

While the key must typically be located in an area of two meters around the vehicle to open the doors and start the vehicle, you can extend the range of radio signals with a so-called Relay attack. Thieves take advantage of the comfort access system, by enhancing it with the corresponding Transmitting and receiving units which are actually only for short distances imaginary signals. The key is placed, for example, near the entrance door, or a window, can open the burglar even without a Penetration into the house, the car, and start.

Who does not want to forego the amenities of the comfort access, you should follow some instructions. The most important measure: do not Allow Unauthorized persons in the vicinity of your key, come and place, especially at Night, as far as possible from doors, Windows and thin outer walls. At least one of the two thieves have to move in a radius of two meters around the key to be able to the signals, and abuse intensify. Even harder for the theft with the help of the comfort access if the key is kept in a metal box.

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