2,000 euros in the case of Diesel-exchange: BMW extended environmental action

Who his old Diesel with an emission standard of Euro 4 or worse against a clean car with modern technology, turn them in, will BMW continue with a premium of up to 2,000 Euro reward. On the Diesel summit in August as the industry’s contribution to clean air measure adopted is supposed to run only until the end of the year, but will be extended now, according to the automotive week until the end of June 2018, at least in the case of Daimler and BMW. It would be no Surprise if other manufacturers join in the clean thrust from the South of Germany.

The special promotion to the fleet rejuvenation will help that even more vehicles with the latest exhaust gas cleaning are in the inner cities on the road, and older vehicles from the roads displace. There is little, if new cars are added with clean exhaust gases, but the old vehicles are still on the road. In view of the repeatedly observed Violations of respirable dust limits in the cities, the renewal of the actual in-use vehicle is to have a fleet of a noticeable effect.

BMW and MINI-will pay the environmental premium in the amount of EUR 2,000, if a customer makes an old Diesel and a new vehicle acquire. It does not matter which manufacturer the Car comes from. However, it is required on the part of the BMW Group, the old Diesel was at least for 12 months to a holder in Germany, in order to impede a misuse of the action. Basically, the Diesel conversion is reward also for business and corporate customers is available, a Truck or other Transporter will not be accepted as a qualified end of life vehicles.

Thus, the environmental benefits, is limited to the action in addition to clean new vehicles: funding is available for the purchase of electric cars, Plug-in hybrids and conventionally powered models, with CO2 emissions of not more than 130 grams per km according to the NEDC. That the customers can draw on an extremely wide range of vehicles, our last summer – in the only BMW models are listed, and the numerous MINI-models with less than 130 grams of CO2 emissions per kilometre are missing:

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The extended environmental premium can also be used with the environmental bonus of the Federal government for the purchase of electric cars and Plug-in hybrids combined. Who traded in his older Diesel against the recently, the Facelift even more interesting-made electric car BMW i3, already enjoys a price advantage of € 6,000. For the Plug-in Hybrid, BMW’s iPerformance, BMW i and MINI a advantage of 5,000 euros.

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