320d with B47: DUH throws BMW illegal switch-off device in front of

The German environmental aid throws BMW re – manipulation of emission values . The DUH has a Test with the BMW 320d determined, the nitrogen oxide emissions in real driving operation up to 7-fold higher than the results of the laboratory tests in the framework of the NEDC. Together with external experts, the DUH will have determined that the exhaust gas recirculation is reduced from an engine speed of 2,000 rpm and 3,500 rpm is completely disabled.

The DUH this technique is called an illegal cut-off device, which provides only during the laboratory tests for compliance with the limit values and in real driving operation has no effect. What sounds like a scandal, but it must be definitely not: It is in the nature of the thing, that the Real Driving Emissions (RDE) are often completely different values than the previous laboratory tests. This is exactly why, other limit values apply for the RDE, a comparison of specific quantities of emissions during the NEDC and while the RDE measurement, so from the beginning at least difficult.

Regardless of the specific result of the investigation, to be presented today, Tuesday, in detail, and a possible opinion from Munich, you can already tell: Whether it is with the described technique to an illegal cut-off device, is by no means certain. The previously valid limits also apply explicitly for the conditions of the NEDC and not for driving cycles that deviate from this Norm. The permanent operation of a Diesel engine at engine speeds above 3,500 rpm, also represents a use of behavior that has to do with the reality in the lives of most motorists.

BMW itself has emphasized in connection with the Diesel scandal, when other car manufacturers to use any of the illegal shut-down devices. Most recently had expressed a development Board member Klaus Fröhlich, detailed descriptions of the failure of the competition put in the pillory:

By the misconduct of the Individual has lost our industry a lot of credibility and trust. A result, are now increased also in part irrational – regulation approaches. So, unfortunately, inconsistent Regulation regarding fuel consumption, emissions, and safety is accelerating worldwide.

The BMW Group has always shown a clear position:

We were the only ones who have complied with the voluntary commitment for CO2 emissions. So we were able to reduce since 1995, CO2 emissions in the fleet average of about 40 percent.
Robust emission reduction means for us also that we are guided by the Intention, and not just the letter of the law. Therefore, we obtain in the independent Compare the lowest emissions and differentiate ourselves with superior technology from the competition.

As soon as there are new developments in connection with the current allegations of the German environmental aid (DUH), we will of course report about it.

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