Bimmer today wishes all its readers a Merry Christmas!

Peace, Contemplation and a couple of relaxing hours in the family circle are many of the people at the very top on the wish list, especially after the stressful holiday season. We wish all of our readers that Christmas is in 2017 in the next few days the hoped-for relaxation, and thus the longed-for contrast to everyday life and normality of the past few months.

Our special thanks this year to all readers, the Bimmer today enrich with your comments and letters. We ask for your understanding that we have not done it in the past year, to answer every single E-Mail. Unfortunately, the commitments of everyday life have required their toll, and sometimes ensure that messages have remained unanswered – sorry for that and thank you again for every single letter!

Beyond the E-Mails and comments in 2017 for the Team varied, rich and intense. The vertices of the year were two vehicles at the time of the previously fastest production BMW of all times: back in January, we were able to have the luxury of sportsmen BMW M760Li xDrive with 610 HP strong V12 Biturbo ride, a few weeks ago, was the BMW M5 with 600-HP and M xDrive , especially transverse dynamic even more impression.

But also below the role of the superlatives in the year 2017 had a lot to offer. The enormous bandwidth of the 5-series we experienced not only by the example of the M5, but also in our driving report, Germany – and Europe-best selling BMW 520d Touring. Other examples of the rich variety were the BMW M550i xDrive , and of course the Plug-in Hybrid BMW 530e iPerformance. What on the Basis of the current BMW upper-class architecture else to build, has provided us with a spacious-comfortable BMW 6 series GT shown.

But enough of the words, we come to the most important news of the day: Merry Christmas Benny, Sebastian, Jonas and Robert!

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