Blue Coffee: coffee is art with BMW Motorsport motifs

That coffee is full of energy, know millions of people every Morning before the first caffeine shot. Still felt strong coffee, however, if he enters into a symbiosis with the legendary racing car from BMW Motorsport. Exactly this step, the Romanian artist Adrian Mitu has gone for his series “Blue Coffee”, because the basis of his work is strong with caffeine. Its special water-based inks are mixed with coffee and deliver his drawings can give the Extra boost of energy, the Motorsport moments in the minds of the viewer for life.

Not less than 101 motifs from various racing series have emerged in a 30-day art Marathon, the result of which may currently be in an exhibition of the BMW Car Club of America in the vicinity of the plant in Spartanburg. To see numerous tour are in the main car from BMW’s Motorsport history, but also the prototypes for Le Mans and exclusive series vehicles such as the BMW 507 to discover on the pictures.

Adrian Mitu: “For me, coffee is a Symbol for energy, which is why he fits perfectly to BMW Motorsport. The technique is characteristic of me – not only based on the result, but also on my character style. The warm coffee shades in contrast to the cold water colors and are an excellent means to emphasize certain areas and to draw the attention of the viewer. The Name of the exhibition is inspired by my technique and the most important of all BMW colors – Blue.”

Alex Seremet (Manager of public Relations, BMW Romania): “We had to first define the major topics and then the individual topics. The selection of legends, stories, and heroes is always a very emotional and personal process. Adrian has received for every day a list of stories, each of which was represented by several photos. He could choose freely, to which he was most suited. Therefore, the end result is a very individual review of our dynamic history. I think that’s what makes our show so special.”

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