BMW: 5-series also in November 2017, the strongest series

The BMW 5-series G30 / G31 to remain on the Gas. The global segment leader was also in November 2017, the most powerful BMW series in Germany, and came as the only model of the mark of 4,000 units. Close to this, in the summer, for the second Time, refreshed BMW 1 series, all other series were not able to compete in November 2017 with 5-series and 1-series: With around 3,000 vehicles sold, 2, and 3 are ranked in places three and four, the BMW X1 is 2.812 units on the fifth rank.

November is also further proof that electric mobility in Germany still has a long way to go. Only 123 of the 4.064-selling 5 series have been delivered as a Plug-in Hybrid 530e, this corresponds to a share of about three percent. For comparison: In the USA, the 5-series is already for 22 percent of all sold 5 series. A similar picture emerges when looking at the 3 series, the proportion of the 330e is even smaller – while in the UK every third 3 moves intermittently electrically. The most successful iPerformance-model in Germany, BMW 225xe Active Tourer, according to the Numbers of the force travel Federal office for 11.3 percent of the 2-sales.

According to eleven of the twelve months of the 1-series and 5-series to deliver continues to be a head-to-head in the race for the role of the best-selling BMW-series in Germany. In the previous year as a whole 39.023 BMW 5 series were sold, the 1 series has a kidney to his Twin with 39.105 units just in Front. The BMW 2 series will land with 37.795 units on the third rank, 3 series and X1 will follow on the next places. As the Figures clearly show, BMW is set up in a number of important classes of vehicle, not from the success of a single series.

With almost 60,000 units of the BMW X models are available in Germany for around a quarter of all sold cars of the brand. In a global comparison, they are represented in Germany, because, globally, every third BMW is almost an X-model. With the introduction of the new X3 a few weeks ago, and the upcoming market launch of the X2, and the second X4-Generation, the proportion of X-models in 2018 is expected to grow, but also in Germany. With the new BMW X7, as well as the fourth Generation of the X5 already prestigious innovations waiting in the wings to play in the next years an important role in the luxury segment.

(Info: KBA)

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