BMW Alpina D5 S, 2017: New Video shows RHD-G30 with 326 HP

With the new BMW Alpina D5 S in 2017, one of the most attractive self Fuze of the world, once again, comes from Buchloe. On the Basis of the BMW 5-series sedan G30 and Touring G31 of the ‘manufacturer of exclusive Automobiles’ two dream cars on the wheels, the understated style, Performance and practicality to skillfully combine. In Germany and all other markets with right-hand traffic 388 PS are available, which the D5’s performance must only the new M550d xDrive Quad turbo-Diesel.

Slightly different positioning on the right-hand-drive markets with left-hand traffic looks, because a different engine is used. With “just” 326 HP, the BMW Alpina D5 S is a direct rival of the BMW 540d and steered sister models does not come close to the performance of its links. A new Video shows us a right-hand drive variant of the BMW Alpina D5 S G30, which is apparently the first ever built D5 S AWD sedan in the current Generation, the Alpina plaque on the center console speaks a clear language, and wears the prestigious number 001.

The right arm with 326 HP required, according to the Alpina 4.9 seconds from 0 to 100 and achieved after 20.1 seconds, the 200 km/h mark – respectable values, but it is clearly slower than that of us on the left receives the handlebar with 388 HP: Who ordered in this country, a Alpina D5 S AWD sedan that is half a second faster to 100, and already reached to 17.0 seconds double the speed. Also the slightly heavier D5 S Touring is 4.6 and 17.2 seconds, noticeably faster than the right-hand-drive sedan.

Under the hood of the BMW Alpina D5 S with 388 HP in Buchloe completely newly developed version of the BMW B57-engine. The Munich-with one -, two-and four turbochargers-designed in-line six-cylinder Alpina to the Triturbo-Diesel: Two high – pressure and low-pressure turbo-charger work together to ensure load pressure, 800 Newton meters of torque and for a certain amount of demarcation to Quad turbo-Diesel in the M550d, which will appreciate lovers of exclusive technique.

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