BMW celebrates the 100,000-selling electric cars and Plug-in Hybrid

With a spectacular light Installation at the four-cylinder building in Munich, the BMW Group celebrates the sale of the 100,000 electric cars in this year. Since the beginning of the year, a six-digit number of electric cars and Plug-sold-in-hybrids, which makes the company one of the world’s market leader in this Segment. As the anniversary vehicle was handed over today to a blue BMW i3 to its new owner, at the controls of the electric cars in the future, an 80-year-old customer from North Rhine sit-Westphalia.

To celebrate the day, the BMW is irradiated, four-cylinder in the vicinity of the BMW Welt in the style of a battery package. The announced high-rise building, a widely visible message in the night sky: The Future is Electric. And the speed is putting more and more: Since the market launch of the BMW i3 end of 2013, a total of over 200,000 electric vehicles were sold – but half of them in the last quarter of this period. By 2025, the range of full – time or part-electric models, the BMW Group is intended to include 25 models, which should pay for a further acceleration of the sale.

Is not a secret that with the pure electric MINI-E in 2019, the BMW iX3 2020 and the BMW iNEXT 2021 already more electric cars are firmly planned. Thanks to scalable E-kits of all ranges with reasonable cost also as an electric car or Plug in 2021-in-Hybrid build, if there is a need. Securing the name rights of BMW i1 to i9 and from ix1 to ix9 makes it clear how large the range of possible models.

Today, the BMW Group, with a market share of 21 per cent in the case of electric cars and Plug-in hybrids are the clear market leader in Europe. The company’s market share in this Segment is about three Times as high as in the overall market, which is still dominated by conventionally powered vehicles without electric support. At the global level, the market share of BMW is 10 percent, this value is significantly higher than in the case of vehicles with all drive concepts.

On the home market of Germany, the models of BMW i, BMW iPerformance and MINI Electric will exceed in the year 2017, for the first time, the 10,000 approvals. In Scandinavia, every fourth BMW is already electrified drive on the road. In Western Europe and the USA, the proportion of electrified models is approvals in seven per cent of all BMW. This can be seen in the individual model series: Worldwide, one out of every ten BMW 3 series is a 330e with Plug-in Hybrid drive. 10 percent of the MINI Countryman, a Cooper, S e. And even 13 per cent of 2 series Active Tourer, a 225xe.

Harald Kr├╝ger (Chairman of the Board of BMW AG) :”We will not announce only, we also deliver. We put a brilliant, 99-Meter-high exclamation point for the Era of electric mobility. The 100,000-selling electrified Cars in a year is an important milestone but just the beginning for us. Since the market launch of the BMW i3 in 2013, we have brought over 200,000 electrified vehicles on the road. Our early commitment to electric mobility has made today’s success possible. By 2025, we will be offering 25 elektrif graced models. At the electric mobility trade fair in I our success.
For me, the vehicle handover of the 100,000 th vehicle is a very special, emotional Moment. The enthusiasm for electric mobility knows no age limit.”

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