BMW i as a pioneer of electric mobility around the world

The early commitment of the BMW Group pays. Much earlier than most other car manufacturers, the Munich have opted for a comprehensive program for the introduction of vehicles with electric and Plug – in Hybrid drives, and made the brand one of the leading providers of electric mobility around the world. In the current year, the BMW Group is more than 100,000 vehicles deliveredover a pure electric or a Plug-in Hybrid drive.

How right these many years ago, decisions were, on the other hand, share of the market. This is located in the electrified Segment was considerably higher than in the overall market and increases the chances that the BMW Group will continue to benefit disproportionately from the growing importance of the electric drive. Many customers at the BMW i and BMW iPerformance vehicles already announced by other automakers.

That BMW i is about far more than just the sale of cars, shows the following listing under the Heading of “BMW i as a leading system provider for electric mobility”:

  • BMW i High-voltage batteries are also in demand outside of the vehicle, increasingly, providers of electric boat drives (e.g. Torqeedo), commercial vehicles (e.g., street, scooters) and for stationary storage applications (e.g., Beck). The Plug-and-Play capability of the BMW i battery, which was provided from the beginning for the stationary re-use after a long car life, and now a new Store is a coveted property. So in 2017, over an area of 30.7 mega-watt hours of storage capacity were delivered in the Form of new BMW i batteries to industrial customers. This corresponds to a fleet of 1,400 BMW i3.
  • ChargeNow, BMW i, which emerged from the Service for a public Charging network now offers access to more than 130,000 charging points in 32 countries – with a single registration. Loading is as simple as Paying for petrol with a credit card.
  • BMW has provided for the promotion of electric mobility in Germany since the Existence of the “environmental bonus,” so far, about 14.4 million euros, the manufacturer of the side support and the greatest incentive to donors.
  • Even after the awarding of the UN award “momentum browseforchange” for the global Engagement in charging infrastructure projects, the BMW i is one of the global leading initiators of electrical mobility projects:
  • More than 25. Millions of euros have been invested, which have now led to over 9,500 operating charging points. The BMW Group has supported the establishment of more charging points than it is today in Germany, in total, are available.
  • Ionity, the European super-fast-charging network was transferred with the BMW Group as a founding member in the operational mode.
  • The number of BMW i3 vehicles in the international DriveNow and ReachNow car-sharing programs has been expanded and now enables hundreds of thousands of customers around the world easy access to electric mobility. With a stable of over 15%, the share of electrified vehicles in these fleets several times higher than that of the respective national market as a whole.
  • The BMW Digital Charging Service as the first of its kind, and consistent further development of a previous BMW i project allows you already comfortable using all of the opportunities that will come with the energy transition. Customers can even make money by providing the Service independently controls the price – or green energy-optimized Store.
  • The first presentation of “BMW Wireless Charging” in 2017 showed the next logical step in the direction of the BMW i target image “to Load still easier than filling up”. 2018, the first BMW 530e iPerformance vehicles with this wireless charging technology will be delivered.
  • BMW Energy Services now operates as an independent business unit, and combines the BMW i experience in the energy optimization. The coupling of electric mobility in the energy sector is another main theme and will help to make electric mobility only locally emission-free.

Also within the BMW Group for BMW i established as a driver of innovation – not only in terms of drives:

  • In an innovative and in automotive Series production so far unique 3D printing process for aluminum components, the Connection components are made of the top mechanics of the new BMW i8 Roadster.
  • Of the new, much faster driving stability control the BMW i3 is also conventionally driven BMW and MINI will soon benefit.
  • The BMW i focus on the use of renewable raw materials and recycled materials, to the evaluation of flow – and Seeplastik have a significant influence on the development of the entire company.
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