BMW i Visiualiser App for iOS: i3 and i8 as Augmented Reality

BMW uses one of the first car manufacturers the possibilities of the Apple ARKit, and with the BMW i Visualizer App Augmented Reality into the living room. The new App for the Apple iPhone and iPad, allows the visualization, configuration, and exploration of the BMW i3 and BMW i8 in any desired environment. If one chooses a sufficiently large surface area, can make the car virtually to the living room or in the Garage, and once to try out, such as the car, certain colors or rims.

With the App, also the doors can be opened, even the light of the vehicles can be via a tap of the Finger on and off. Download can the in 21 languages available and, of course, free BMW i Visualizer App directly from the Apple App Store. A prerequisite for the use of an iPhone 6s, 6s Plus or new. The App also works on the current iPad, and the iPad Pro.

Andrea Castronovo (BMW Group, head of customer-centric sales strategy, MPM, process management): “Our products are highly emotional vehicles. This Emotion need to be able to experience our customers. With this App, we bring the second-best to the actual product in the pockets of the people – you only need your iPhone to take it out and look at your dream car and also how it is in your driveway or in your Garage.”

Stefan Biermann (head of innovation sales): “We know that almost all of our customers online via our products before you come in to our showroom, and they often do this on your iPhone or iPad. This is why this is the next logical step – rather than simply read about the product, you can experience it now after such a long time. Once you are with the visualization, you can save the data along with a corresponding image to share it via Social Media or to transfer in selected major markets directly from the Visualiser to the Online Configurator to tune to your desired BMW i further fine.”

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