BMW i8 Facelift 2018: first tag shows new iDrive ID6

In 2018 the BMW i8 Facelift comes in the trade, and because externally, there is relatively little change, is one of the most noticeable Changes for the eye the refreshed Infotainment System: The model of care the current BMW iDrive Generation ID6 in the Plug-in Hybrid sports car. Thus Features such as the main menu with Live-find tiles or Apple CarPlay Integration, as well as the latest BMW ConnectedDrive Services your way in the Hybrid coupe.

In the framework of the reconstruction has the iDrive Controller on the centre console against the current version of the ID6 are replaced. The manufactory specializes in the vehicles of BMW drivers by retrofitting an original BMW equip the parts with the most up to date special equipment and to keep up-to-date. In the case of the BMW i8, the pent-up demand has so far been limited, but with the new iDrive Generation for the Facelift, there is also scope here for Updates with the quality of the original.

With ID6, all before the Facelift built-in menus and functions get a new Look. In addition to the main menu in the tile Design, among other things, also the navigation map, the rearview camera, the consumption history and the ConnectedDrive Store, in a striking modern Design present.

In addition to the refreshed Infotainment System, the BMW i8 Facelift in 2018 and includes the offer of new colors for the exterior and interior, as well as a slightly modified drivetrain. Thanks to a powerful Lithium-ion batteries in the Central tunnel of Carbon fibre passenger cell, the Plug-in Hybrid are now over 50 kilometres of electric-only range. Also, the electric motor on the front axle can be required thanks to the stronger battery, so the system performance from the 362 rises to now 374 HP. All information on the BMW i8 Facelift in 2018, we have summarized here.

(Photos & Info: Bimmer Manufactory)

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