BMW i8 Roadster: aluminum from the 3D printer in series

On the subject of 3D printing, many people still think of a technology that will only obtain a few years of relevance. It is true that the potentials of the technology are not yet exhausted and she has the Chance, our shopping and consumption behavior to change in some respects dramatically. With the proliferation of 3D printers could provide, for example, that some of the way to the hardware store is superfluous, or the urgently needed spare part will simply be printed within a short period of time, rather than waiting for a delivery.

3D printing also plays a role in the serial automotive industry, is likely to be many people, however, are hardly aware of. The BMW Group is working since years with the technique, because she still has another great strength: the additive manufacturing process-layer by layer components of the forms that could be used to produce any other way in a comparable quality. So 3D-printing some solutions that could with conventional methods.

Another example is installed in the BMW i8 Roadster: The existing aluminum parts, for the connection of the roof mechanism and body, come from the 3D printer. The topology-optimized bracing can be in a geometric shape generated, which would be with the classical casting process can be represented. The small Aluminium parts are an exciting example of intelligent lightweight design that is only due to innovative manufacturing method is possible.

The aluminum components from the 3D printer to fit perfectly to the rest of the concept of the BMW i8 Roadster, which is generally an example of innovation and joy to the lightweight construction. With its passenger cell made of Carbon and the exciting Plug-in Hybrid drive, it stands for an idea, which detaches from the classic sports car concept of the last decades and the idea of a fun-brings cars in a much more contemporary Form.

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