BMW M5 F90: Snapper Rocks Blue to the start of production

The serial production of the new BMW M5 F90 in the Dingolfing plant has begun. One of the first examples of the sixth Generation rolled in a eye-catching Snapper Rocks Blue, which the photos from the factory the first impression of the Power sedan with the recently introduced painting to deliver. In addition to the official communication color Marina Bay Blue and the more blue-grey-looking Bluestone metallic Snapper Rocks Blue is the third shade of blue in the regular color range for the BMW M5 F90. A total of seven colors are available without extra charge can be ordered, and already in the basic price of 117.900 euros.

It goes without saying that customers can count on finding a special livery on the help of BMW Individual, and then from an almost infinite variety of colors, countless other shades of blue can choose from, including. A small selection of four particularly popular and from the point of view of the Designer is particularly well suitable Individual paint finishes is a cost of 2.300 euros, special clear price are wishes, as usual, intense.

With the start of series production, the market is approaching the start of the BMW M5 F90, the official dealer of Premiere and thus also the beginning of deliveries to the first customers are scheduled for March 2018.From the previous-Generation F10 between 2011 and 2016, were built around 20,000 copies in the factory in Dingolfing, with the new Generation of this value is to be exceeded again.

The vast majority of in the next few years produced BMW M5 F90 is supplied to customers in the USA, the UK and Germany. What the owner must, suggests the first Tacho-Video of the 600 HP strong and thanks to M xDrive fastest series BMW of all times.

Dr. Andreas Wendt (plant Manager of the BMW Group’s plant in Dingolfing): “the sixth Generation of The BMW M5 is one of the most powerful vehicles that run in the Dingolfing plant. For more than 30 years of the M5 is the epitome of the sport sedan and we are proud to be able to BMW drivers around the world with this vehicle from lower Bavaria.”

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