BMW M8 GTE completed more test rides in Daytona

In January, the BMW M8 GTE will celebrate in the frame of the 24 hours of Daytona its race Premiere, the new long-distance racing car from BMW Motorsport on the legendary route. The test is also the first opportunity to compete with future rivals from North America on the same ground rides. More important than lap times, basic things were in the case of the BMW M8 GTE, but, because, of course, the GT-flagship of the BMW Group is still in the development phase, and has a large step.

In Daytona, many new Components were tested, which are supposed to bring, among other things, in the areas of aerodynamics and electronics progress. In the last few months, among other things, the Design of the Front of the cooling package and the chassis have been modified intensely, and always continue to improve. A month ago, the BMW M8 GTE was able to complete the first 24-hours-a distance at racing speed, for the first use in a 24-hour race, the improvements made to the ergonomics of the cockpit are as important as the reliability of the technology.

The latest photos from Daytona to deliver a lot of new impressions from the Design of the BMW M8 GTE, which provides, at least in the field of lighting technology is also concrete evidence of the later production vehicle for the public roads. The planned test runs in the weeks before the 24-hour classic in Daytona will provide us with many more similar photos and looking at them carefully, you can discover some Change to the outer skin of the car.

John Edwards: “It was the first Tests with the BMW M8 GTE here in the US, and also for me, it was the first Time that I am in the new car. It is exciting to be in the development work involved. We went with a comprehensive test list. The Team has learned a lot about the new car, and on this Basis, we can work in the pre-season very well.“

Connor De Phillippi: “We were able to test a lot of different things and also in the development of further steps. We need to change here and there, but overall in the right direction. This Test was a good and important preparation for what is waiting for us in January.“

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