BMW X3 G01: project Manager Arno Keller in the in-depth Interview

A few weeks ago, we are the new BMW X3 G01 for the first time, hazards and also an in-depth Interview with Arno Keller. The project Manager is the third Generation of the mid-size SUV, the for 11. November in Germany is sold, responsible and able to answer many of the questions may be the next Bestseller from the Spartanburg plant.

In addition to a first Outlook on the expected future Expansion of the engine range – both in terms of Performance with the BMW X3 M40d and X3 M as well as with the pure electric BMW iX3 – we discuss, particularly, what are the aspects in comparison to its predecessor is most clearly developed. Here, the issues of workmanship and materials, Infotainment, and Autonomous Driving. In the advertising campaign of the new BMW X3 is even on Mars, but you can also say something to the terrestrial targets with the third Generation? Where do you see the vehicle in comparison to its predecessor, the points on which you have worked particularly intensively?
Arno Keller: We have focused particularly on the topics of Design and value. If one thinks, for example, to the proportions at the Front, with the chosen kidney size and the large air intakes, the car simply gets a lot more presence. The dynamic roof line with down drawn the roof and a reduction in the lines on the page, as well as the three-dimensional lights in the rear, form a powerful conclusion. We have also placed a value very much value, which can be seen in the interior with very good workmanship and good materiality clear. And we have also put in the driving dynamics, accents. It is possible for us, on the one hand, more comfort, and to increase the agility. We have achieved this by the fact that we have increased the wheelbase of 54 mm and also the center of gravity is lowered. In connection with lightweight construction and 55 kilograms less weight and a weight distribution of 50 to 50, we actually have the basic genes on Board, in order to improve a car in both the agility as well as comfort. On the common architecture we were able to bring many of the systems from the 5er and 7er in the X3, for example, the 1:1 acquired the Head-Up Display, which clearly sets the Benchmark in this class. Also, the lane change assistant in this Segment is absolutely unique. Last but not least, we put in the areas of Infotainment and operation of the Benchmark. The interior was the predecessor certainly often a point of criticism as a trigger of hymns of praise, now he has been upgraded significantly. That was a priority, so you want to move here, with an eye on the competition is a big step forward?
Arno Keller: Also, regardless of the competitors, we look, of course, always ensure that what our customers want. We have looked at the interior very closely, and overall, certainly a good step forward. It also looks at the variability and the possibilities for easy loading: The rear seat is standard in the ratio of 40:20:40 split, optionally, in a Cargo position for a further 50 litres of Luggage space lock. Other hinges for the tailgate, it will allow us, in spite of a flatter roof-line, no compromise in headroom or boot space make. And the panoramic roof now extends 20 inches more to the rear, which the rear-seat passengers a direct view up into the sky allows. The standard windscreen with acoustic glazing and optional acoustic side Windows at the front provide a significant improvement in terms of wind noise, one can speak of a cultivated concentration on desired sounds. With air fresheners and ionizer, air seats, larger bins, Wireless Charging for mobile phones and the improved ergonomics of the much slimmer instrument panel with driver orientation, we are also significantly. I am convinced that the customer can feel, whether it is rubbed on a theme, and it really has brought, or whether you have it ticked off the list. I think that we are certainly on a par with the competition, or are even better. With the different equipment lines-M sport package, xLine and Luxury Line they provide customers with a strong differentiation. Which Take Council you expect here?
Arno Keller: The spread of the characters, with the basic car I find to be very large. Starting with the base models, then with the somewhat more robust xLine with a more pronounced off-road character of the Luxury Line for even more Prestige, and the model M Sport. And if that’s not enough, we have also the M Performance automobile X3 M40i as the upper Bookend. I think we managed very well, a lot of different characters with this car to present, and the different inclinations of the customers all over the width of the well cover. The most popular variants will be on our forecast to the model M Sport and the xLine. this is An important topic in the Public Autonomous or semi-Autonomous Driving is where the X3 in this regard?
Arno Keller: the joint architecture, we are able to scale the topic of assistance systems and to apply. We have here many of the elements of 5 and 7 apply, and continue in the competition comparison of the Benchmark, including through the lane-change assistant. With all the measures to increase the efficiency and reduction in emissions will be observed at the time. What makes the X3 in this regard?
Arno Keller: of course, We have introduced new engines, lightweight construction heavily and also in the aerodynamics much. With a drag coefficient of 0.29, we set a clear Benchmark, no car in the segment comes even close to this value. These are of course key elements of our EfficientDynamics-the Story goes on, of course. The M40i has compared to the predecessor, around 40 kW more power and still 4 percent less consumption, which already speaks for itself. In Europe, there is a meanwhile, for years lasting discussion on the cleanliness of Diesel engines, especially in the case of the X-models is a very important leg to stand on. You can expect a reduced demand and a larger petrol engine than in the past?
Arno Keller: I don’t think so. We are selling our Diesel vehicles. All independent reports show quite clearly that our cars are the cleanest in their class, and all the legally required limit values are far below. I believe that these facts will convince you sooner or later each and every customer that our cars have a really good and clean engine technology is installed. A possible step in terms of efficiency is not, at least in Europe: The rear-wheel-driven model X3 sDrive20i there is only in other markets. As a result, this will change eventually, or remains of the X3 here we have a xDrive car?
Arno Keller: The X3 sDrive20i is an entry-level variant, which we offer only on a few markets. Also a successor to the X3 sDrive18d we do not currently have plans. Okay, so xDrive, the standard drive of the X3. What are the differences to the predecessor are there in terms of xDrive?
Arno Keller: We have revised the technique, of course, in terms of Packaging and efficiency. The basic themes remain the same, because also in the field of four-wheel drive technology, we see ourselves in comparison to the competition leader. Especially in Germany and Europe, some customers are wondering how the chances are for a BMW X3 M40d with Biturbo-Diesel?
Arno Keller: On such a model, all I can say at the present time, still nothing. When looking at the competition in fall: above the X3 M40i place. The latest spy photos of prototypes with four thick tailpipes confirm that an even sharper variant. Can you tell approximately how much patience we need to raise in terms of BMW X3 M F97?
Arno Keller: That now falls into the category of speculation, I can’t really speak to at this point in time more concrete. No speculation, but officially for 2020 is expected to be a BMW X3 with pure electric drive. You can say to this car? So far it happens not in the case of BMW, that a conventionally powered vehicle is later than a pure electric car in series.
Arno Keller: Yes, the Strengths of our architecture shows that We are able to provide this car with pure electric drive and will bring the 2020 on the market. Details we can’t reveal at this point in time, but you can be sure that we will have to develop, thanks to our flexible architecture is not a new car in its entirety. by 2020, there are still a couple of days. We get the generally often as a bridging technology called Plug-in Hybrid drive before, so, for example, a X3 xDrive30e of BMW iPerformance?
Arno Keller: I think that our all-electric range is from 2020, a very clear Statement. Whether we will be bring yet another model with electrified drive train, falls in the realm of speculation. The BMW X3 is now in its third Generation and is arrived so far, both in Europe and in Asia and North America, very good. You can expect at the main markets, relevant Changes or remains here, everything is as before?
Arno Keller: The main markets are America, China and Europe. This was and will continue to do so. Mr. Keller, thank you for the informative interview!

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