BMW X7 G07 2018: pre-production runs in Spartanburg from the Band

The new BMW X7, slowly but surely, the shells fall and is preparing for its market launch in 2018. At the BMW plant in Spartanburg with the production of the first pre-production has begun-models of luxury SUV, by the end of next year, the production vehicle will be presented in its full glory. Now BMW gives some insight into the production and shows interesting Details like the light Design of the BMW X7, which presents itself exactly like the big kidneys already fallen.

In spite of the explicit photos, which should lead in the next few weeks, to precise Computer drawings, the trips are the prototypes and prototypes in their test all over the world, the usual wear camouflage. The impression that you are already in the sale, a series currently vehicle should be avoided for some time – although the BMW X7 will be built now on the same Band as his “little brothers” X5 and X6. In the next few months prototypes in the heat of Death Valley, the cold of Lapland and, of course, in everyday environments, will be on-the-go and the new flagship of the BMW X family to its start of production to prepare.

Knudt Flor (head of BMW plant Spartanburg): “We are proud to produce the BMW X7 in Spartanburg, home of the X-models. This is a very special vehicle, and our staff is looking forward to another member of the X family. Together with the BMW X7, a total of five BMW X will be delivered models from Spartanburg in the world.“

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