Driving report BMW i3s: So, the i3 drives with the Extra Dose of Sport

The BMW i3 is a worldwide success. At least some of the German readers are likely to put behind that sentence with a question mark: Is he really? Yes, he is. But, of all places, in Germany, the electric motor also in 2017, will come only slowly and hesitantly in travel, of all things, in the home country of some of the most successful and most innovative car manufacturers in the world electric cars in the minds of many people seem to be still music of the future. And the BMW i3? Is sold since the fall of 2013 in the world, has found tens of thousands of customers and has already received a Facelift, while many other car manufacturers still speaks in the Form of Concept Cars and studies on electric mobility.

With the Facelift the offer is extended also to the new BMW i3s, the, we were able to ride for a first ride report on the streets of Lisbon and the surrounding area. Our test shines car in Melbourne Red, as in the case of each of the i3 number of black elements make for a sporty two-tone appearance, and the BMW i3s equal to something dynamic. He also has wider tires on the front axle, a wider track at the rear axle and a 10 mm lowered suspension, you can see him only at second glance.

Driving report BMW i3s: Electrifying agility in Sport-i3

That is also optically subtle changes for a noticeable change in driving behavior to ensure, already in the first curves. Although the i3, thanks to a low overall weight, low centre of gravity and more balanced weight distribution has always been a very agile city car, the new BMW i3s, the bar a bit higher. On special comfort of the Stromer omitted deliberately, instead, the chassis is communicative and direct as ever.

To further sharpen the driving dynamics with the Sport mode, which is for the first time in a i3 selectable: just like in most other BMW models, a tap of the driving experience switch on the center console is enough, already steering and the accelerator are adapted to characteristic. Okay, from a gas pedal, you can’t speak in the case of the BMW i3s, of course, but the effect is the same as in the conventionally powered models: The engine feels even at a comparatively gentle pressure on the right Pedal to give a much Energi to the departure motivated and taught so skillfully the impression of greater performance.

If you set out accelerates the BMW i3s, according to factory specification in 6.9 seconds from a standstill to 100 km/h. the history of The to 184 horsepower increase in engine power is cracks but that is only because in practice the performance gain is significantly greater than the 14 HP suggest. Since the i3 has only a single forward gear, and tells the relatively early applied top performance in only a part of the truth: unlike the combustion engine, the power curve of the electric motor in the i3 with increasing speed, to Reach the peak performance of 170 HP, the real power is, therefore, at about 70 km/h. The engine of the i3s offers, at first glance, only 14 additional HP in the field of peak performance, at a higher speed and thus higher RPMs, the E numbers-machine, the performance advantage grows, but up to 40 percent. Just in the acceleration, extra-urban of the i3s is superior to its slightly tamer brother, therefore, much clearer than a look at the data sheet initially expect.

Thus, the performance and, of course, the virtually constantly applied torque of 270 Newton metres as often as possible to retrieve, BMW has also developed the DSC control. The control interventions are now significantly faster and therefore earlier than in the past, can be correspondingly gentle and can be perceived by the driver. Also on an irrigated piece of Asphalt, the BMW i3s are accelerated, subjectively, without control intervention, while the electronics in the Background, imperceptibly, high-performance. The sometimes gruff Regelwut perceived DSC interventions in the wet, which interfered with some i3 driver so far, belong definitely to the past.

The new sports suspension with model-specific springs, dampers and stabilizers, of the already mentioned lowering the car by 10 mm and the 40 mm wider track at the rear axle contributes its part to that of the BMW i3s is also available in long, drawn-out curves is more stable and, overall, feels as if he has not moved it an inch closer to the Asphalt.

The BMW i3s but it’s not a super athlete, in view of the overall concept and the clear focus on the city traffic. With the Update to the i3s, the i3 is undoubtedly more agile, more lively and more entertaining – but he remains “only” a good motorized city car, the transfers, the concept of Driving pleasure in the world of electric cars. More important qualities than the increased driving fun trailer, therefore, in the i3s to be able to be used with together, locally emission-free and clean Conscience through inner cities and residential areas.

The range of the BMW i3s, according to the NEDC in the case of 280 kilometers, the more practical the WLTP cycle comes to 235 to 245 kilometers, and the BMW-forecast in the everyday life of the majority of the customers of 200 kilometers between two charging operations. Alone, the large fluctuations between these values show that the real range is subject to similar fluctuations as the real fuel consumption of conventionally powered cars. To calm for all the customers with range anxiety, there is even after the Facelift, the i3 REx with Range Extender, the 38 BHP two-cylinder gasoline engine charge the battery for up to 150 extra kilometers of range. The main market for this Option is not surprisingly Germany, because nowhere else can customers and prospects are set up so sceptical like us.

The prices for the BMW i3 Facelift 170 PS start at 37.550 Euro, for the i3s with 184 HP at least 41.150 euros must be invested. The Range Extender on Board, the price rises to € 4,600. The Upgrade from i3 to i3s is likely to be for almost all of the customer’s investment, which has a much greater impact on everyday life. On the offer of the original 60Ah battery BMW dispensed with completely, all the Facelift models have 94Ah as a standard, once as a special equipment imported battery on Board. Who’s still looking for additional arguments for the i3, you should think of the currently available 4,000 Euro environmental bonus, and his next car purchase will officially be the state.

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