Driving report BMW M5 F90 2018: damn Effortlessly, rapidly

Rarely the driving behavior of a new BMW M5 was expected with such a big voltage, as in the case of the F90. For the first road report of the sixth Generation of the Power-saloon, we were recently in Estoril, because in the cold of Central Europe, hardly a meaningful Test would have been on winter tires. And, of course, we have set ourselves with many open questions in the pilot: A BMW M5 with all-wheel drive – can it work? And most of all, Can make the fun and those of agility, which has made the previous five generations to the fun-a Benchmark in its class?

The answers could be taken from some of the purists and the supporters of a more traditional engineering philosophy, with some mixed feelings. After all, who hopes for a clear answer in the sense of “everything was better before!”, has made the invoice without the engineers of M GmbH: What is the all-wheel drive M xDrive conjures up in the new BMW M5 F90 on the Asphalt, the Performance of the rear-drive predecessor as clearly in the shadows that could almost have pity. What, of course, forbids it, because, in view of their undoubted achievements of the first five generations have a lot of respect, but not pity.

Driving report BMW M5 F90: Effortlessly fast thanks to M xDrive

Nevertheless, after a short period of time is clear: The new BMW M5 F90 will be not only the Sprint from a standstill to the fastest representatives of the M5 family, even on the race track, he has to fear any of his five predecessors. But what will one day show in the lap times on various tracks, is likely to indicate the true Superiority of the sixth M5 Generation: How big is the step forward is really depends on the skills of the driver. And the less of Bruno Spengler, Marco Wittmann, Timo Glock and Martin Tomczyk in the own driving style, the more glaring the difference is.

Or differently: if you wanted to achieve with the direct predecessor to the race track in a quick time, is not just needed to feel for the right line and the potential of the tires on the front and rear axle – he needed a particularly sensitive on the accelerator, because, like all in such a potent rear-wheel drive, the M5 brought his rear tire is always on the border to the Overload. At the latest, if you disable the DSC, this meant for most of the drivers, that they left rather a couple of percent more air, to move Accidentally one or two percent above the Limit. This is exactly the respect to the distance between the Can of the driver and the actual potential of the car will be in the new BMW M5 F90 smaller than all of its predecessors.

The key to this is summed up with a simple word that is at the wheel of a 1.9-tonne sedan in the border area are particularly important: trust. What is meant is above all the Lack of the fear of nasty Surprises. Because the driving behaviour of the new BMW M5 F90 is characterized by merciless predictability and the feeling that you can hardly get something wrong. The right foot was out of the Curve, but a little overzealous, the V8 Biturbo is still a little readier than I thought or the Asphalt in the crack of dawn, still a little damp? Nothing seems to be able to the M5. To wag instead of in such a Situation, wild with the rear and the reaction ability of the driver to the test, hammering it with an air of casual sovereignty of the apparent problem area.

Here, the nonchalance, with the help of the new all-wheel drive M xDrive even clean up gross errors, acts, almost provocative. No matter how wild the M5 on the race track beats, the Central control unit to control power distribution, and rear-axle transverse differential lock and the DSC can not be calm. Smaller Drifts on all four wheels, which are for a bigger Grin in no way detrimental to the electronics. Who is in the driving mode, the 4WD Sport can provoke with a suitable gas, within certain limits, also classic Power oversteer and easily cross out of corners accelerating. However, the M5 tends to be also in this state, never, the power of unusually motivated to rise up in smoke, and thereby advancing to miss. Instead, the M5 is accelerated thanks to the amount of force on the front axle also in such a Situation so strongly, that the grasp of the rear wheels quickly on their feet.

We are getting used to the enormous amount of traction and of the desirable behaviors at the wheel of a BMW M5 passed, the head is free for other aspects. Then slowly it becomes clear, what is the second great strength of the M xDrive: even Though he brought the sedan’s traction without end, one feels, in the BMW M5 F90 as at the wheel of a Allradlers. The agility and precision of the front of the car is straight in comparison to other all-wheel drive vehicles, a stunner, turn-in and the spontaneous to Implement in the chicanes of the race track of Estoril, not only in the context of a 1.9-tonne sedan is impressive.

For the 2WD mode, the power of the saloon at the touch of a button the rear-wheel drive remains only a secondary role: For Show deposits with a lot of Smoke in the rear-wheel-drive is essential for fast lap times and Drive with confidence in everyday life, but rather a hindrance. For the vast majority of M5 customers, the 2WD mode may be a high-tech consolation, the easier the transition to the all-wheel drive M5 emotionally – that the classical actuator is used, after a short Trial – and settling-in period is still regular, but should be the absolute exception. The special role of the 2WD-mode is also seen that it can only be activated in case of a completely deactivated DSC. As the journey without the electronic safety net for the majority of the customers is not a permanent sympathetic solution is the rear-wheel drive Option even more to the Show Element.

The in Garching have developed all-wheel drive can Shine, is also closely linked with the other components of the overall package of the BMW M5. Sufficient strength to deal with four wheels is sufficient, the further developed V8 Biturbo engine with 4.4 Liter displacement. The latest expansion stage of the internal S63-mentioned engine throws your 600 HP and 750 Newton meters of seemingly effortless on the crank shaft and thus facilitates the Job of the eight-speed torque-Converter automatic from ZF: What Gang is present, is thanks to the enormous torque plateau, almost no matter. In the long-drawn curves of Estoril, this means: Instead of in the immediate vicinity of the speed limits along zuhangeln, often just in the next higher gear, is also not slower and you can save when dazzling out accelerate out of the Curve for a switching process. So the engine and transmission, add to that the new BMW M5 F90 is so easy to drive fast as any of its predecessors.

And even if it’s not in a car like the BMW M5, rarely, to escape from the everyday, the everyday usability for many customers, a Central role. In this respect, a major step forward to be the BMW M5. He benefits from the technology package of the 5-series G30, with whom he shares all the safety and assistance systems. In practice, this means: in the BMW M5 you can drive semi-autonomously, from the distance control to the lane change, the saloon is master of all, what is technically possible today. The chassis scores with an unexpectedly gentle rolling behavior and provides more than adequate long-distance comfort. This also includes the Option, to the Sound of the M5 F90 on knob fits to throttle pressure. In General, the sedan is acoustically noticeable cautious and avoids unnecessary ruckus. Anyone who sees the focus of the M5, so more of the Power than the Business – Limousine, you should make friends with a retrofit solution.

Who, after a largely Autonomous and therefore completely relaxed, completed the journey on Portuguese motorways again in the dense city traffic of Lisbon arrives, reminiscent of the red M buttons on the steering Wheel to the enormous potential of the Limousine: When the traffic light jumps to Green, might be the M5 within 3.4 seconds in the three-digit speed area and, together with the one or the other litre of Fuel also ingestion is equal to the own licence. It is this ambivalence of everyday practicality and Performance that has always catered for the special fascination of a BMW M5. As brutal as in the case of a Launch Control take-offs at the wheel of the sixth Generation, however, was never before experienced.

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