DUH-manipulation allegations: BMW wants to perform its own Tests to 320d

After the manipulation allegations, the German environmental aid to irregularities in the cleaning of exhaust gases of a BMW 320d, BMW development chief Klaus announces Cheerfully own Tests with the affected vehicle. In an Interview with the news Agency Reuters, the Manager said, you have been able to make the DUH-tested copy find, and now intended to perform in cooperation with a neutral Institution’s own measurements.

Cheerful DUH, accuses to be the vehicle with an unrealistic driving profile hazards and the increased nitric oxide numerical values with high speeds at low loads forced. Through such an approach one could construct “a striking emission values have no real significance,” says the development chief.

As in the official opinion of BMW in the beginning of December will be Cheerful in the Interview, sharp words against the actions of the DUH: “all These allegations are far-fetched, and who is something willfully makes, you might also intention to accuse”.

Unlike many of its competitors, the BMW had gone so far with largely white vest from the exhaust gas scandal of so-called “Defeat Devices” to shut down the exhaust gas cleaning in Diesel passenger cars. So had expressed their views about the BMW CEO Harald Krüger on the IAA in September with a clear Statement of the issue: “We have not tampered with the vehicles. We have Diesel, which are clean.”

Source: Reuters via automotive week

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