Euro NCAP crash test: 5 stars for the BMW 6 series GT G32

A few weeks after its market launch, the new BMW 6 series GT G32 has passed the Euro NCAP crash test. The technically closely with the 5 related Gran Turismo has a rating of precisely how his base with 5-star. Due to the technical proximity of the testers have performed all the Experiments with the BMW 6 series GT, but in some cases, the determined values of the 5-series.

As the Video of the Tests shows, especially the frontal crash meant that Because both cars have the same Crash structure at the Front, were not further testing required. Also identical to the electronic safety and assistance systems, as well as the seats are able to be drawn, therefore also to the data of the 5-series G30 back. The situation is different in the case of the side impact and pedestrian Tests, which had to be masters of the BMW 6 series GT.

Comparing the data sheets of the BMW 6 series GT and 5-series, despite at first glance the identical 5-star rating interesting differences. The testers evaluate the protection of adult occupants of the 6-series GT with 86 per cent, the 5-series received here, but even 91 percent. There are no differences in the occupant protection for children, the safety systems and pedestrian protection. The cause for the lower value of the 6-series GT is the different Airbag configuration, the effect of a side impact to be negative.

Already on the occasion of the 5 stars for the BMW 5 series G30 the Euro NCAP pointed out that such a top ranking is anything other than of course. Now this statement was underpinned with a crash test of the 2005 Fiat Punto: The small has a rating of cars according to 2017er requirements with 0 stars. This is not to be understood only as a criticism of the Fiat Punto, but also shows: the cars, the safety technology shortly after the turn of the Millennium, to the then state of the art, can achieve in a Test with today’s requirements, only poor results – the progress made by the manufacturers and by the Euro NCAP are calls that are serious.

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