Image comparison: Lamborghini Urus BMW X6 M F86

The SUV Segment has a new growth at the top end of the Performance flag pole: With the Lamborghini Urus comes in 2018, a vehicle on the market, would not be less than the previously most dynamic SUV of all time. The Italians have spared neither cost nor effort, and with many ingredients from the bulging shelves of the VW group’s impressive total package on the wheels. Direct competitors for the Lamborghini Urus there is no to market start in the spring of 2018 actually, however, he will have to get used with other Power SUV like the BMW X6 M compare – and has done in Italy, to land in every conceivable discipline, from the previous top dogs.

Particularly compact dimensions apparently plays no role, because with a length of 5.11 meters, the Lamborghini Urus towers over the SUV-coupe from Garching to about 21 inches. He is only three inches shorter than a Bentley Bentayga with which it shares many of the technology components. How serious is the Italians however, with the dynamics, is in the other dimensions: The Lambo SUV is just 1.64 metres high-and remains so five centimeters flatter than a BMW X6 M. in addition, the Urus is a little wider – which makes for an extremely striking build, which is likely to make the Urus is an absolute eye-catcher.

No Surprise that the Lamborghini Urus put on the crown of the currently most powerful production SUV. Its 4.0-litre twin-turbo V8 makes 650 HP and 850 Newton metres of torque, enough to accelerate to 2.2-tonne SUV in just 3.6 seconds from a standstill to 100 km/h. The maximum speed is electronically limited to 305 km/h. The current BMW X6 M F86 can’t keep up with these pay to play, do not need to hide but also: 575 HP and 750 Newton meters of torque and the ability to Sprint to 100 in 4.2 seconds should suffice in most everyday situations, to be on each drive to the traffic obstruction.

That Lamborghini is beyond pure Performance figures, not in rags, may one expect in the face of a price 171.429 Euro. The full-on driving dynamics-trimmed all-wheel drive with active Torque Vectoring and all-wheel steering, adaptive air suspension, roll stabilization, and a Carbon-ceramic brake system, in order to make the Urus is the Lamborghini among SUVs. On a modern offer in terms of Infotainment and assistance systems of the new SUV have also, finally, Lamborghini is allowed to use in this regard to the group’s shelves.

Already in the spring of 2015, introduced, and since then, only gently well maintained BMW X6 M can’t hide the age difference of three years in this regard. After all: With a base price of 124.200 € it is compared with the Lamborghini Urus is almost a bargain.

Stefano Domenicali (Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Automobili Lamborghini): “The Lamborghini Urus is a visionary approach that the Lamborghini DNA comes in the most versatile vehicle concept, the SUV. The Urus, lifting the SUV to a previously unknown level of Super SUV. It is a true Lamborghini in terms of Design, performance, driving dynamics and emotions, and is suitable for everyday use in any Situation.
The Urus fits as a high-performance vehicle perfectly into the Lamborghini family. It is the result of intensive development and a high level of technical competence, in order to create a new class of vehicle: a Super-SUV, which opens up new possibilities for our brand and for our customers.”

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