Individual festival at BMW Abu Dhabi: Nine colorful V12 7 series

That buyers in the Middle East sometimes have other priorities than in Central Europe, is spreading. BMW Abu Dhabi Motors makes use of the courage to the color of his customers and has one of the most colourful and most magnificent Showrooms in the world – and it is no Surprise that many of the vehicles have only an extremely strong coating, but also with an extremely strong motorization.

A whole collection of superlatives in terms of color and performance shows a series of photos that emerged in the vicinity of the formula 1 race track in the Gulf state. A total of nine BMW M760Li xDrive are here to see – and, therefore, nine copies of the strongest series BMW of all times. On the group photo from Abu Dhabi, consequently, nearly 5,500 HP are gathered. The special exclusivity of the M760Li is also clear that the BMW-planning of a 5-percent share for the V12-run out model – even within the prestigious 7-series are motorized 95 percent of all vehicles ordered to be weaker.

With San Marino Blue, Twilight Purple, Long Beach Blue, rally Green, Chestnut Bronze (chestnut bronze), Estoril Blue, Imola Red and Austin Yellow for the group photo also offers an interesting insight into a particularly colourful section of the color palette that opens up willing to pay customers with the help of BMW Individual.

No Surprise that the shown 7-series fleet moved also priced far beyond all normality: Even allowing for the nine generously-equipped vehicles for the sake of simplicity, only the basic price of the BMW M760Li and thus, among other things, the Individual painting ignored, would have to be invested for the Sieber collection of more than 1.5 million euros.

(Photos: BMW Abu Dhabi Motors)

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