Premium-the market leader in 2017: BMW Group in China is the front of the

Still, the decision didn’t fall on the largest car market in the world, but after eleven of the twelve months have brought the BMW Group, after all, in a very strong Position: As a look at the November sales of the BMW Group, Audi and Mercedes-Benz, the Munich currently at the top of the sales Rankings in the Premium Segment and could thus also for the year of China-market leader. Sure, this is not, however, because in the face of the piece in the middle Kingdom, the projection is to be paid, so far, not more than a good starting point.

The Foundation stone for the current leadership have placed Munich in the first ten months, but until November 2017 and, finally, a certain advantage could be driven out: Although Mercedes was able to grow in the eleventh month of the year to 22.2 percent, the Stuttgart-based “only” on 50.813 units. BMW increased its sales of “only” to 12.0 percent, came in order but to 55.293 vehicles sold. Even more successful was Audi because the Ingolstadt-based company came in a small increase of 6.5 per cent on 56.208 units.

You look at the previous year as a whole, is Audi with 528.706 units, however, relatively clear in third place. The Ingolstadt-based company had reported in China several issues with the dealer network, so in comparison, a slight decline of 2.1 percent. As of November 2017 shows, is to be expected with the Ingolstädtern but from 2018.

At the top of BMW and Mercedes to deliver a head-to-head race, with Munich, with a slight advantage on the race. Daimler increased in China by 27.3 per cent, and comes after eleven months on 539.728 units, BMW grew by a comparatively moderate 14.7 per cent and has been able to sell 542.362 vehicles. The Numbers, however, is clear: it is Decided the race in December.

China has risen to become the most important single market for all three German Premium-car manufacturers, all sell in the middle Kingdom significantly more vehicles than in the previously dominant markets of Germany and the USA. Consequently, a strong Performance in China has become a success to the Central part of the world – if the sale falters on the most important individual market, can compensate for the Rest of the world.

The BMW Group has responded in the last few years, in a variety of ways on the special role of China. Especially tangible the when looking at the model range, because several body variants were developed specifically for the needs of Chinese customers and are not offered in the Rest of the world: BMW 1 series sedan, BMW X1 long version, BMW 3 series long version, BMW show 5-series long version, how rewarding it can be exactly on China-tailored model range and how high to hang up this aspect in the Munich four-cylinder.

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