Solid Power: BMW is developing a solid-fuel batteries for electric cars

Batteries are the key to the success of electric cars, because to them the for a lot of customers important theme range. Together with Solid Power BMW wants to develop the solid-battery for series production and, therefore, one day, the next big step – to go with similar sized battery packs, such as today, the practice could increase range of electric cars to about 500 miles and so far the most important weak point to eliminate.

Known was the cooperation of BMW and Solid Power by a corresponding message of the American battery experts. Solid-state batteries, ion batteries unlike today’s Lithium-no liquids or Gels to be used. In comparison to the current technology, the solid-batteries promise much larger capacities, shorter loading times and more security.

So far, the technology is removed according to experts such as BMW development chief Klaus Fr̦hlich, however, a few years can in large numbers be prepared. Research and development is also necessary to take the batteries to an automotive prepare. Factors such as the usability in cold and heat, long-term durability and, of course, the Crash safety play a big role Рaspects that can be neglected for the theoretical construction in a laboratory, but in front of a large-scale use of large hurdles.

Even when the solid battery is currently considered key to the further success of electric mobility, will take a bit of time to the first appropriately equipped production vehicle with the relevant number of pieces. But it is clear already today: BMW i wants to be among the first providers that an electric car with a Solid-State battery on the road. The cooperation with Solid Power is expected to be just one of several measures in order to pave the way for deployment as soon as possible.

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