Video comparison of M xDrive: BMW M5 F90 4WD Sport vs. 2WD

With the BMW M5 F90 the M GmbH to bring a car on the road, the traction at the push of a button worse. With the 2WD mode on the M xDrive-called four-wheel drive, the first all-wheel drive M5 is on request, the rear – wheel drive, with all the advantages and disadvantages. Particularly striking is the konszept be related to differences in acceleration from a standing start, because here is the 600 HP of the V8-Biturbo with the traction of four driven wheels to be much more efficient in propulsion convert.

We have used the long Straight of the race track of Estoril, to have two copies of the BMW M5 F90 in the four-wheel drive modes-4WD Sport and 2WD directly compete against each other. At the wheel of the right-moving M5 is no less than a test driver Jörg Weidinger, among other things, for his record round with the M4 GTS on the Nordschleife of the Nürburgring is known for. On the left of the writer of these lines, and thus, without a doubt, the less talented driver sits, however, with a clear technical advantage: The blue M5 is in the mode 4WD Sport, and therefore has significantly more traction.

To make the odds at least a little fair, we have launched the all-wheel drive M5 is on the left in the picture without the Launch Control. Why? Because Jörg Weidinger will have to do without in the 2WD mode, the BMW M5 F90 on a Launch Control – this is only available in mode 4WD Sport, finally, it should allow for an optimal Sprint time, and is thus linked necessarily to the all-wheel drive.

While Jörg Weidinger must try the white M5 on the right to let the power of the V8 Biturbo will not go up in smoke and to get the best possible Start, is the task in the all-wheel drive M5 is much easier: the left foot on the brake, right foot on the accelerator and gently increase the speed, the start signal of the sub’s wait and get off the brake! What happens then, is the beginning of an impressive sprint that leads in the ideal case, after little more than three seconds to Reach 100 km/h mark.

At the beginning of the short comparison Videos, we integrated a speedometer Video that shows the Sprint from 0 to 230 km/h on the long Straight at Estoril. The speedometer in the picture has been taken with Launch Control, in this case, the switching operations of the eight-speed torque-Converter automatic from ZF instead of automated, and demand from the driver is nothing more than a consistent pressing of the accelerator pedal. At about 230 km/h in the Middle of the first curve, however, requires that the Tacho-Video cancel.

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