BMW 2 series Facelift 2018: Updates for Active Tourer & Gran Tourer

BMW 2 series Active Tourer and BMW 2 series Gran Tourer in the last few years, always as controversial as it is successful, the two Vans will get your Facelift. On the technical concept of the UKL architecture for vehicles with front wheel drive you do not get used in the meantime, however, have long since closed all BMW friends are already at peace with the practical front-wheel drive. More important than sympathy points with the leaders in four-cylinder from the point of view, but anyway, what keeps the target audience of the vehicles – and where it has room for further improvements.

Since the market introduction worldwide, more than 380,000 copies of BMW were sold 2 series Active Tourer and Gran Tourer, the strongest market in the home market of Germany. Especially important for the market shares: 70 percent of the customers are previously driven any BMW and have found on most front-wheel drive 2 series make their way to the brand. With the BMW 2 series Facelift in 2018, the two Vans will receive some Updates, which should boost sales in the second half of the life cycle.

BMW 2 series Facelift in 2018: New Active Tourer & Gran Tourer

The main Design Changes relate to the Front end, because BMW 2 series Active Tourer and Gran Tourer with an enlarged and therefore more present double-kidney grille to the year 2018. Supports the self-confident appearance of the new Design of the front apron, which is equipped with LED fog lights in the outer air intakes. The rear bumper receives a new trim strip, the tailpipe diameter is increased to 90 mm, and all models with four-cylinder engine will get a more prominent degree in the Form of a tail pipe on the left and the right. The additional exterior colors Sunset Orange, and Jucaro and six new wheel Designs offer new options for customization.

The spacious interior, the 2 series Active Tourer or Gran Tourer is for many customers the most important Argument for switching over to BMW, is optimized for the Facelift in 2018. New materials and colors for the seat covers complement the program, as in the past, a generous amount of space to speak for the Compact Vans: In the Luggage compartment of the Active Tourer’s 468 to 1.510 liters of storage space can be filled with an exterior length of 4.57 metres a full 22 inches longer BMW 2 series Gran Tourer has a load volume of 645 to 1.905 litres.

Under the short hood 2 Facelift in 2018, the start-up will debut in March for its market to come from the BMW, without exception, revised engines. Both the three-cylinder B37 and B38, as well as the four-cylinder engines B47 and B48 benefit from some Updates, the increase in the first place the efficiency. Higher injection pressures, Split Cooling, new crankshaft, and the placement of the exhaust manifold and the turbocharger in the cylinder head create new opportunities for a as clean as it is powerful combustion. The four-cylinder Diesel B47TÜ1 have now, without exception, a two-stage turbocharging, the Biturbo concept brings advantages in responsiveness and efficiency. SCR-Kat and AdBlue injection, work together to ensure a highly efficient exhaust gas purification, which complies with all current requirements.

BMW 2 series Active Tourer Facelift in 2018:

BMW 2 series Gran Tourer Facelift in 2018:

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