BMW 8er coupe: New Teaser and spy photos of the G15

BMW is responding to the large 8-Leak , and now even some spy and Teaser photos of the new BMW 8er coupe G15. The luxury coupe rewinds currently, among other things, on the Italian high-speed test track in Aprilia kilometers and is prepared on the market starting the end of 2018. The official spy photos show us the sports cars with stealth, but from a significantly more pleasant prospects than the Leak photos from the last week.

The width of the rear of the new BMW 8er 2018 is in the focus of the Teaser photos, the the ungetarnten forms of luxury-athlete shows us already. Well visible are the muscular shoulders, the Carbon roof with lowered medium-lights, and the delicate rear. Also the chrome-plated diffuser, which includes the tailpipes of the exhaust system, may already Shine in the dark of the Teaser photos:

The BMW 8er coupe to follow in the footsteps of the previous 6-series and will become the new flagship of the brand. The revival of the 8-series is precisely how the new SUV flagship X7 is a sign of the Munich-based Self-consciousness, even in the luxury Segment of the full attack. With powerful drives and corresponding driving performance, Supreme long-distance comfort, advanced assistance systems and, of course, an extremely high quality designed interior to the BMW 8-seater a highly dynamic Alternative to the 7 series sedan.

In addition to the potential best sellers BMW 850i with a V8 Biturbo a strong self-starter, like a 850d xDrive Quad turbo-Diesel are also conceivable. Also in the development of the BMW M8 is already with 600-HP and M xDrive, the Top model is expected to be in 2018, is presented. Furthermore, it is unclear whether BMW will offer customers looking for particular exclusivity and max Prestige also have a 860i with a V12 Biturbo.

Klaus Fröhlich (member of the Board of management of BMW AG, development and research): “The test drives to show under the toughest conditions that the vehicle concept for the new BMW 8er coupe to the right place. The already achieved driving dynamics values are absolutely impressive. Our customers and Fans can look forward to a real sports car.”

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