BMW Diesel: AdBlue and SCR-Kat for all models in the series

Beginning in the spring of 2018, BMW will equip all Diesel with AdBlue injection and an SCR catalyst. The complex exhaust-cleaning technology is used since years for a lot of BMW Diesel models, some variants with smaller engines and lower fuel consumption and emission values fulfilled, but also without additional AdBlue injection, all of the statutory requirements. In the Wake of the introduction of WLTP and RDE more stringent limits to comply with, be equipped, from the spring of 2018, the remaining BMW Diesel in addition to the NOx-storage catalytic Converter with AdBlue and SCR technology.

So far there have been a few exceptions in the case of the BMW 1er, 2er, 3er, 4er, and X1 with a three-cylinder Diesel B37 or four-cylinder Diesel B47. With the announced measure, all BMW Diesel series, nationwide, and without exception, on the high-effective exhaust gas cleaning. The systems cause a strong reduction in nitrogen oxide emissions and thereby contribute to the protection of the environment.

For the BMW X1 xDrive18d and sDrive18d, the new exhaust gas cleaning, also a new Design of the exhaust system: Both models will be delivered starting in spring 2018, each with a tailpipe on the left and right side, so in the same configuration as the more powerful engines.

In the same breath as some of the other petrol engine will be fitted from the spring of 2018 with a gasoline particulate filter. In the past, the two-door variants of the BMW 220i, and 230i, and X3 xDrive20i and the xDrive30i, the new Generation of G01 with OPF were on the road, now some of the other models in the 4 series, the BMW X1 sDrive18i and the BMW i8 coupe. Update 4-diesel relates to the Coupé versions of the 420i, 420i xDrive, 430i, and 430i xDrive.

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