BMW innovations 2018: A Feast for horsepower and luxury, friends

The Festival is just behind us, the next is to BMW-friends already: BMW’s new products in 2018 for many followers of the brand not less than the Tick of a long-cherished Wish list, to its fulfillment, sometimes the self is no longer believed. In addition to the market launch of the new BMW M5 F90 and the introduction of the potential driving fun Champions BMW M2 Competition a whole series of further innovations are planned to cater for practically every taste is an attractive solution.

On the subject of driving dynamics, the new BMW Z4 G29 is here, embodied in the summer of 2018, the long-awaited Roadster Comeback from BMW. Together with Toyota, developed sports car promises to be, thanks to balanced weight distribution and rear wheel drive the best in entertainment, a sporty-taut-tuned suspension, and at least 360 horsepower in-line six-cylinder engine for the Z4 M40i.

BMW innovations 2018: 3, 8, Z4, X4, X7, M8, and more

For those who prefer to silently under the open sky, can look forward to the market launch of the BMW i8 Roadster. Just in time for convertible season, the first open car of BMW i goes to the Start, and combined the recipe of the Plug-in Hybrid sports car with a lightweight fabric roof. At the same time, the Facelift for the BMW i8 coupe the launch and the model of the i3 and the introduction of the sportier i3s show that in the case of BMW i in 2018, a lot of fresh energy at the Start.

A fresh Wind is blowing this year at the BMW X-models, which are available for years for about a third of all sold BMW. With the market launch of the X2 of the best selling X1 receives a dynamic brother, with even more voltage, we expect in 2018, but the second Generation of the BMW X4 and of course the luxury SUV, BMW X7. Both models were unveiled in the past months and are likely to attract a lot of curious people into the Showrooms.

Exactly this Job is to meet the BMW 8er G15, will write another Chapter in the long history of a luxurious BMW coupé. The second Generation of the 8-series to follow in the footsteps of the previous 6ers, but in spite of all the luxurious aspirations also extremely dynamic, on-the-go. The Design of the exterior and interior, must be seen as groundbreaking for the brand, it should be as outstanding as desirable and of high quality.

And for all friends of well-kept Sports in the luxury segment will also be taken care of. A short time after the new 8-seater, the BMW M8 coupe will start with a minimum of 600 HP, the agile all-wheel drive M xDrive and probably another superlative: It would not be a really big Surprise if the M8 will offer the standard print-factory specification of the M5 is still under, and therefore the fastest series-BMW of all times would soar.

Towards the end of the year, another Highlight, that will shape the face of the brand in the next few years follows with the presentation of the new BMW 3-series G20. The seventh Generation of the midsize sedan will be like their predecessors, the heart of the brand and to set standards in the areas of lightweight construction, efficiency, Infotainment and driving fun. The market launch is planned for the beginning of 2019, official photos and info it gives but in the course of this year.

More news in the year 2018, the BMW 7-series Facelift with a further performance assistance systems more efficient, as well as the model of care for the BMW 2 series Active Tourer and 2 series Gran Tourer. All the Details and info to the above models, there are from time to time as usual!

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