BMW M sales in 2017: More Details of the Power-best-sellers

The year 2017, the BMW M GmbH is a year of records: Never before in the paragraph was as high as in the past twelve months, never before have been brought within one year of the so many HP on the street. For the first time in Garching, BMW M GmbH was able to sell in a year, more than 80,000 vehicles and, specifically, there were 80.795 units. The sales figures of the previous year were exceeded by a massive 19.1%. The most important driver of growth, the further Expansion and renewal of the offer from BMW M Performance automobiles was in the year 2017, alone in this area of the M-portfolio, sales could be increased by more than 10,000 units.

Thus, it succeeded the BMW M Performance models for the first time, to stand for the majority of the paragraph of the M GmbH: In a sheer head-to-head race to the M Performance Automobiles are around 200 vehicles in front of the M-models, which are clearly designed to be high-priced and more consistent on the race track. Sure, in 2017, was not able to provide with the BMW M5 one of the most important M-models, for sales, however, a reversal of the Trends within the M GmbH would be in for a Surprise: the constant Expansion of the M Performance portfolio, it is assumed that the more expensive M models in the in-house duel, in the future, regularly Check.

That the M division was able to grow despite the lack of M5 by almost 3,000 units, thanks mainly to the extremely popular BMW M2 coupe. The compact athlete is from the point of view of the trade press, such as clientele, the modern incarnation of the original driving pleasure-desire of the M GmbH, took place around the world by 2017 12.293 customers. In the year 2018, the BMW M2 Competition with S55 engine will ensure that the compact fun-maker is even more desirable.

With the market launch of the BMW M5 F90 is a fact, which is just on the US market and in the Alpine area are always in demand is also a vehicle on the market that can combine the advantages of a Power-sedan with M xDrive better with completely unrestricted year-round usability than any of its predecessors. Towards the end of the year, the BMW M8 moves in addition to the Plan, in order to serve the most demanding customers in search of a very special BMW with a luxury-athletes of the extra class.

Under the M Performance automobile is a BMW M240i another 2-derivative of the undisputed Bestseller. The rear-wheel and all – wheel drive and as a coupe and convertible available compact athlete has been revised to 2017 by Facelift, and found more than 11,000 customers, close behind the BMW M140i the technically largely identical to the Hatchback. Both models benefit from the fact that you have no direct competitors, with balanced weight distribution and rear-y drive concept and therefore much more fun to drive than their direct competitors can offer.

With over 5,500 units, the M Performance Automobiles found on the Basis of the new 5-series will have great appeal, although by 2018 will still be better, is likely to be Both the only as a sedan available BMW receives M550i xDrive with 462 HP strong V8-Biturbo, as well as the 400-HP BMW M550d xDrive Quad turbo Diesel that is also available as a Touring available, have been introduced only in the year 2017 and have its first full year of sales.

The most important market for BMW M GmbH in the USA, the UK and Germany follow. China, long the most important single market for the BMW Group and responsible for the largest part of the total sales of the company, shows a comparatively small interest in sports cars. In the United States, however, in 2017, nearly 12,000 Metres have been sold and nearly 10,000 M Performance Automobiles to the United States for over a quarter of the M GmbH-volume.

For the year 2018, we may expect a further growth of the paragraph, because that is exactly how the competitors from Affalterbach, Germany and Neckarsulm, the M GmbH, is planning a further Expansion of the product portfolio and opens up new target groups. While AMG, taking account of body styles and performance levels, already nearly 60 different models in the program, the M GmbH, with currently 30 model variants are still a lot of room for more offers: in addition to M2 Competition, M5 F90 and M8 coupe launches BMW X4 M40i, X3 M40d, X4 M40d and X2 M35i is for 2018, with the market expected to.

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