BMW M Showroom in Singapore: an Exclusive Store for M-customers

To be able to have as many high-priced cars to sell, it takes far more than technically compelling products. Image and Design, but also exclusivity and a special ambience of the showrooms can be for some potential customers is ultimately more important than classical technique Features. With the new BMW M Showroom in Singapore, the M GmbH responds to this circumstance and has opened the world’s first retailer that deals exclusively with the products of the M GmbH and is, therefore, clear from the core brand BMW emancipated.

On a total area of 4,500 square meters, Performance in Munich cars” in Singapore, only models with an M in the name – from the compact BMW M2 about the best selling M4 and M5 to the Power-SUV X6 m shows “in addition to the pure M models, the BMW M Performance Automobiles such as M240i, X3 M40i and M760Li xDrive is a subject in the exclusive M Showroom. The customers are thus from the first Moment in a HP-strong and emotional environment that is designed to increase the enthusiasm for the cars from Garching.

Other components of the BMW M Showroom in Singapore has a Individual Lounge for a presentation of exclusive paint finishes and materials, as well as a Delivery Suite for the vehicle Handover. “Performance Munich cars” is one of the 850 BMW M dealers certified worldwide, in the future, the network should be enlarged and growing sales figures to be prepared.

Modern and on the individual wishes of the customer-tailored communication tools such as Virtual Product Presentation VPP, with the various configuration variants of reality, to help the vendors to convince the customers in the Showroom by the possibilities of the M GmbH – before the vehicles reveal on the road to their full potential.

Peter Quintus (Vice-President of sales and Marketing BMW M): “The new Showroom in Singapore is leading the way. We will continue to push this concept forward and, of course, the certified dealers in the world, continue to expand.
The BMW M is celebrating its 45 anniversary this year and we have expanded the success steadily. By the end of this decade, we will surpass the milestone of 100,000 vehicles sold.”

Paul de Courtois (Managing Director, BMW Group Asia): “The new Showroom reflects the dynamic character of the BMW brand and M corresponds to the request of our customers an exclusive shopping experience.”

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