BMW M3 F80: production ends in may 2018 final

The introduction of the new driving cycle, the WLTP will accelerate the end of production for the BMW M3 F80, with a view to the already impending end of production of the current 3-series Generation, the F30 is a conversion of the Power is no longer worth sedan. Just like all the other petrol engine, the BMW M3 F80 1. June 2018 with a gasoline particulate filter to be fitted, the M GmbH will pass but according to the current state and the production of the fifth-M3-Generation instead, a little earlier than expected exit.

The current Generation of the BMW M3 was only available as a sedan, because coupe and convertible went, for the first time as M4. The end of production of the BMW M3 has built no impact on the availability of the M4, the two-door variants, as planned, and just like the base models of the 4 series is still a few months longer than the four-door sedan.

The retrofitting of the gasoline particulate filter is technically very complex, because of the OPF requires additional space in the area of the exhaust system. A few months ago the M GmbH has announced the market launch built-in Carbon-fibre propeller shaft, in this context, a compact-sized steel drive shaft to replace. This step also has to continue his permission, finally, the production of the BMW M4 coupe and convertible will be in time before 1. June 2018 changed and will continue to run without interruption. Against a continuation of the M3-production, therefore, the suppliers of the available quantities of suitable particles may have spoken to the filter, although the technical requirements on the part of the M GmbH were fulfilled.

The current BMW M3 F80 2014 first of all, with 431 HP at the Start, about two years later, was for particularly Performance-hungry customers, the Competition package with a power increase to 450 HP and some further modifications introduced. Crowned is the fifth Generation of the iconic sports car from the BMW M3 CS, the several Superlative saves: 460 HP it is the so far most powerful production M3 ever, also get it with a factory specification of 3.9 seconds, the best value for the Sprint from 0 to 100 km/h.

Before these Figures can be surpassed, it will still take some time: With the sixth BMW M3 Generation on the Basis of the next 3P G20 is not expected before 2020. Then, the previous best values are likely to be torn, however, in any case, because, of course, the next M3 is supposed to offer more Performance than its predecessors. In addition to an internal combustion engine could be ruled out help for the first time, an electric motor, because an electrified powertrain is for the F80-successor nor an adaptation of the recently in the M5 introduced all-wheel drive M xDrive.

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