BMW M5 F90: M-Mazing Drift Action with the predecessor F10

The Drift-ability of the new BMW M5 F90 are the focus of an upcoming Stunt video from BMW USA. Even now there is a 43 second long Teaser gives us a look at the preparations and the new Power-sedan on the side of the rear-drive predecessor. On an irrigated circle, both the BMW M5 F90 as well as the previous-Generation F10 to be kept in the Drift, and to approach more and more, until finally a physical connection between the far more than 1,000 HP Viertürern can be established.

What exactly is the American projects, we can currently only speculate. With a little imagination, one might speculate that the new BMW is supposed to be refuelled M5 F90 in the Video from a drift M5 F10 out during the journey. With such a maneuver, it would be theoretically possible to keep the Power-sedan for a particularly long period of time in the Drift and thus a record concerning the duration of the drift, or the number of completed rounds.

The full Video of the Stunt is to on 9. January will be released at the latest then all questions should be clarified at the process and implementation. An already pretty spectacular taste of the official Teaser Video to the M-Mazing Drift Action from BMW USA:

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Already a few weeks ago, the BMW M5 F90 could be Drift potential in a Video from BMW UK. At the game with some moving and colored cones driving, and an enormous degree of precision required:

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(Direct Link to Video 1 | Direct-Link to Video 2)

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