BMW M550i: for Several months the production-break WLTP

He is one of the best sellers among the M Performance automobiles, but at least in Europe, will be sold in the second half of the year 2018 is hardly a single BMW M550i xDrive. The production of the 5 series G30 with a V8 Biturbo and 462 HP will be interrupted at the end of may for several months, because the eight-cylinder sedan fails without some changes to the powertrain to the stricter limit values of the WLTP cycle.

If the production is continued in the year 2019, will be equipped with all the BMW M550i with a gasoline particulate filter, but this solution is not currently available. On request, BMW announced that it is the complex conversion of all gasoline not to date 1. June is going to create and, therefore, forced to the production of some in absolute terms, less-relevant models to temporarily suspend. Although 97 percent of the fleet be retrofitted in time for the end of the reporting period, in the case of other models, a longer interruption in production is inevitable.

What sounds to the layman, is in practice quite problematic. to be able to existing vehicles with a gasoline particulate filter, equip, and are often profound Changes are needed. This applies to the Motor Management, the Packaging of the vehicle, not always because of unused space for the subsequent Installation of an additional particulate filter was sufficient. Also the capacity of suppliers sometimes have their limits, because many car manufacturers suddenly order significantly more gasoline particulate filter as a few months ago.

When exactly is the BMW M550i can be built for the European market, according to official statements. However, even if customers have to forego in Europe, thanks to the WLTP on new BMW M550i with its own configuration, there is bound to be one or the other possibility of acquisition of already registered vehicles for the day. In the M550i-main market is USA, you can ignore the issue, however, complete, because, in the absence of WLTP, the V8 sedan in other markets, can be sold in the future without a gasoline particle filter.

Also not the big brother of the M550i is affected, because the BMW M5 with 600 HP already meets all the requirements and stands as a stronger Alternative is available – however, at the moment, a very great demand even in this case, a little patience from the customer, the talk is currently about a half a year waiting period from the date of the order.

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