BMW M8 GTE: light technology with the help from the 3D printer

In the pursuit of optimal conditions for long-distance race has taken BMW Motorsport, the lighting technology of the new BMW M8 GTE to the chest. In order to have the classics in Daytona, or Le Mans, even at night optimal vision and to keep the pilots from unnecessary errors and incidents, have been developed by the headlights of the BMW M8 GTE from scratch. For the production of the high-tech spotlight, the opportunity was used, metal parts with highly complex shapes in 3D-printer.

The components of the Metallic Additive Manufacturing the cooling bodies for the light technology to use and allow the use of light sources that would not otherwise be sufficiently cooled – at least not without compromises elsewhere that would damage the Performance of the overall vehicle. A review of the efficiency of the lighting system is now in test sessions in Le Castellet, soon must the technology prove itself on the Daytona International Speedway is in the racing.

As for all of the components of a long-distance race car of course also applies to the spotlight: reliability is a top priority, because even a repair of the headlights could throw the vehicles in the battle for tenths of a second solid. The cooling is therefore a particularly important role in the longevity of the duration of use of a racing night.

Philipp Eng: “The new light technology is excellent. Many different factors make a good light in a racecar. And because the engineers have made the BMW M8 GTE everything right.”

Martin Tomczyk: “In Paul Ricard, you can different lighting scenarios to play through. With a partial to a complete off-track lighting. We were thrilled, all by the light of the BMW M8 GTE. A good vision is for us riders in the night very important. And the was absolutely given.”

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