BMW wants to test subscription model in the United States: flexibility with question mark

The times, in which a car could customer decide Essentially between traditional financing and Leasing models, seem gradually to come to an end. More and more carmakers are testing, especially in the USA, new sales concepts, in which the customers for a monthly fee, different vehicles of a fleet can use.

In the framework of the Detroit Auto Show in 2018 has announced that BMW North America CEO, Bernhard Kuhnt, they wanted to. “most likely,” in the course of the year somewhere in North America a BMW Abo project in start “We are in a Phase in which we find ourselves, together with BMW Financial Services in order to deal with and evaluate,” said Kuhnt in an Interview with Automotive News. To know “if we do such a thing, first as a pilot project, more about it”.

How exactly the “BMW subscription” at the end for the customer to make and in what shape and flexibility of the subscribers, their vehicles can move, let Kuhnt still completely open. In addition to BMW and Mercedes in Detroit has announced that they wanted to learn more about subscription models.

Daimler sales boss Britta Seeger sees this as a major Problem in the availability of different models: “If on the weekend, the sun is shining, everyone wants a convertible and I get to the fifth attempt, still can’t, what causes that?”

So far it is still unclear whether and how the appropriate subscription models in the car sector, indeed, prevail. An important factor should be the amount of the monthly Rate that the customer paid for the Plus of flexibility is also dependent on the question of how large the logistics will be more expenses for the manufacturer.

Since November, the pilot project “Porsche Passport”, in the sports car Fans for a monthly rent of $ 2,000 or $ 3,000 from a fleet of different Porsche models can choose to be running in Atlanta. In Germany, the first subscription with a “Book by Cadillac” and “Care by Volvo”-concepts in the Test.

Anyone who wants to in the short term, various MINI and BMW models in the big city, has already for quite some time with the car-sharing Service DriveNow, the possibility.

Source: Automotive News

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