Diesel emissions: animal experiments with monkeys by VW, BMW & Daimler

A scandalous message shaken currently, the German Auto industry: VW, BMW, and Mercedes have given animal experiments with monkeys in order to the cleanliness of the exhaust gases of Diesel-demonstrate Car. According to a report from the New York Times, the three German car manufacturers to carry out Experiments, in which ten monkeys in a air tight sealed room with a running VW Beetle TDI were blocked and so on for hours, the fumes inhalation.

The aim of the animal experiments, it was allegedly to prove the harmlessness of Diesel exhaust. Diesel exhaust in particular in the United States often associated with cancer. How could be suitable for a trial with a few animals, to dispel such concerns, however, is questionable. Less questionable is that the revelations of the New York Times should use the Image of the involved car manufacturers VW, BMW, Mercedes and the Diesel engine.

Another critical Detail in the context of animal experiments is only on the Diesel scandal at Volkswagen tangible: It is not excluded that the installed shut-off Devices of the VW introduced the Beetle TDI to significantly higher emissions of certain pollutants, as Volkswagen itself.

The Tests at Albuquerque were given by the European Research Group on Environment and Health in the Transport Sector (E. U. G. T.) in order that these, in turn, was funded by Volkswagen, Mercedes and BMW. Performed the animal experiments were finally of scientists. The E. U. G. T. was on other fronts, concerns about the Diesel engine and its exhaust gases to eliminate and also funded several other studies that should be of benefit to the Image of diesel fuel.

Mercedes and BMW in a statement to the New York Times to the fact that all Attempts to learning of accepted science and, under appropriate supervision were carried out. In addition, the two carmakers had not been clear that the exhaust gas values of the used VW were manipulated Beetle TDI. After all: The Diesel Image in the US can also add this new scandal will hardly harm, because the built up over the years image from the clean Diesel engine for the VW exhaust scandal, at least in North America already in ruins.

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