DriveNow and car2go: BMW and Daimler, shortly before the collaboration

So far, the car sharing provider DriveNow and car2go occur as a competitor, but that could change soon. According to a report in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, which is already a few months ago for the first time to the leaked negotiations had progressed so far that an agreement is within reach. According to the FAZ, DriveNow and car2go have to arrange the Details before the cooperation agreement can be announced in February, officially.

Despite the merger, DriveNow and car2go as a standalone brands will remain and continue to different car-Pools to entertain. A common solution to the complex Management of vehicle fleets. The Soft – and Hardware for the convenient rental of the vehicles is an important cost factor for the providers and the corresponding savings potential.

So far, the DriveNow-co-owner of the Sixt was considered to be opponents of the cooperation with car2go, according to the latest report from the FAZ to the car rental company as a minority partner in the joint car-sharing will be involved-offer. BMW and Daimler. through the cooperation of one of the major suppliers of car rental with a to-the-minute billing and are therefore in competition with the mobility providers, like Uber: customers pay only for mobility, if you take it in to claim In comparison to Taxi and chauffeur Services, the cost for the end-users in the rule are significantly lower.

DriveNow claims to have around one Million customers in Europe, including more than 250,000 in Berlin and just over 200,000 are reported in Munich. Alone in the Bavarian capital in 2017, over 1.3 million journeys with DriveNow vehicles were counted, for 750 vehicles are available there. Even more impressive: today, almost one in four licence holders in the city has been registered for DriveNow – and the Numbers continue to rise, in the last year alone, the number of customers grew up in the Bavarian metropolis of 23 percent.

A total of DriveNow is currently available in 13 European cities, and a vehicle operates a fleet of 6,000 car-sharing cars. Although car2go has both in Berlin and in Munich less customers as DriveNow, Daimler’s subsidiary, rightly, as a world market leader: As the Service is offered in significantly more cities, there are also significantly more customers: Worldwide, car2go has almost three million customers have access to a fleet of 14,000 vehicles.

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