German environmental award: BMW by far the most sought-after brand

BMW was also in the total year 2017, the largest profiteer of the offered in Germany, the environmental bonus for the promotion of electric mobility. As the Federal office of Economics and export announced control, the interest of the German on the subject, nevertheless, remain limited: Only 46.897 applications for funding have been made, so that only about 10 percent of the promotion budget of 1.2 billion euros have been retrieved. As in the past, the Germans also attacked in the year 2017, primarily to vehicles with purely internal combustion engine drive and showed, in comparison to many other leading Nations, only a weak interest in electric cars and Plug-in hybrids.

You look at the Numbers, however precise, in Munich, is quite reason to be happy: 9.806 applications, BMW is the clear market leader among the eligible vehicles with an electrical powertrain – a role in the overall market, including internal combustion engines traditionally have miles to go. The usual competitors, Audi and Mercedes reach with a 4.762 and 1.886 applications for self-only two-thirds of BMW sales in this Market section.

Especially the BMW i3, which comes so far to 4.475 applications and is promoted as a pure electric car with 4,000 euros is asked as little surprise. Add to that the already 157 units of the Recently available BMW i3s, the offers 184 HP and a sportier suspension is still more fun to drive. In the case of the two 3,000-Euro Plug-in hybrids from Munich, the BMW dominated 225xe iPerformance, for the 4,096 applications were submitted.

Clear in the shadow of i3 and 225xe the sedans BMW 530e and 330e. Since the 5-series with Plug-in has been introduced in Hybrid-drive only in the course of the year, and is considerably more expensive, but are also presented here, 566 applications is a positive Signal. The smaller and cheaper 330e comes to 512 applications. For the MINI Cooper S Countryman ALL4 402 applications were received, according to BAFA.

The three other Plug-in-Hybrid BMW i and iPerformance on the German market – 740e / 740Le, X5 xDrive40e and i8 exceed the limit of 60,000 euros for the net purchase price and therefore do not constitute eligible models.

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